Follow Your Inner Knowing & Live In Spiritual Surrender with Jordan Bach (AR #41)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #41 Follow Your Inner Knowing and Live in Spiritual Surrender with Jordan Bach

I have found living a spirit-guided life to be both thrilling and terrifying. While on one hand it brings comfort, support, guidance and a deep connection with love, it also requires us to step in to the unknown, bravely follow the beat of our heart, take risks and live in deep surrender and trust.

But when that inner knowing speaks, it is often hard to ignore. If you have the courage to follow it, it will lead you into exciting and uncharted territory, and bring to you a place within yourself where you can access lasting love and peace.

If you are ready to embark on this journey you will love today’s Awaken Radio episode with Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher Jordan Bach. Jordan speaks deeply from personal experience of how he followed his inner knowing to discover his life purpose, become a teacher and guide for others and experience radical shifts in his relationship with himself and others.


In This Inspiring Episode We Cover:

  • How to hear your inner voice amongst the myriad of other voices that surround you or fill your mind, and how to follow this inner knowing.
  • ‘Coming out of the closet’ about your spirituality and share your beliefs with others while also dealing with other peoples perceptions or judgments.
  • Embracing and learning from your life challenges so you can use them as a way to heal and support others.
  • How to remain connected to your inner voice even when you are a highly sensitive person who can easily take on others fears or opinions.
  • What to do when fear and takes over your mind and how to and re-connect to love.
  • How to make heart-driven decisions even when you don’t understand why you’re doing it or where it is taking you.
  • What it means to surrender to spirit and how it will allow you to live in uncertainty and be ok with not knowing.
  • Why there is a lesson in every experience and the less we fight the resist it, the easier it will be to uncover the precious gift it contains.
  • How to practise forgiveness and use it as a tool to heal your relationship with others, as well as yourself.


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