The Practice Of Creating Space

I describe the feeling of creating space, as a sense of being able to breathe. Deeply. To me, it feels expansive, open, flowing and light. It is a delicious and freeing sensation that comes from allowing yourself to be squarely grounded in the present moment.

Prior to attending my Oneness Retreat, I had thought I was doing a pretty good job at creating space for myself. I had a beautiful morning routine. I meditated daily. And I would take time out for things I loved to do such as a nourishing yoga class, reading my favourite book or having a long, hot bath. I knew I was working in my business a lot, but I had convinced myself that seeing I loved my work, that it was ok.

It was not until I returned from my retreat and I came back home, that I realised how different I felt. I still have all of the things I need to do, but I was approaching them so differently.

By creating space, I was calmer, more grounded and more clear headed. I was present and mindful of what I was doing. I could work through my tasks without becoming stressed or overwhelmed and I was now enjoying the process of what I was doing, rather than just seeking an end result.


Video: The Practice Of Creating Space


In today’s video, I share with you a few ways that I have been supporting myself to continue to create space in my life and my self. I also share with you a decision that I made which was driven by an inner feeling to create more space for myself.

This decision initially felt like a battle between my head and my heart, but now it definitely feels right.

I have decided to move the start date of The 90 Day Transformation Project back one week.

This was a decision that was made with the intention to create more space for myself. But the beautiful things is that I am now also creating more space for you!

For those of you who are still unsure about the project, you now have an extra week to really sit with your feeling about it. If you feel that this project is something you would love to experience, please sign up here.

Connie x

17 thoughts on “The Practice Of Creating Space”

  1. Connie, this is absolute perfect timing to hear your message and advice. I have been feeling similar to the way you have and knew there was a way and you just showed me some guidance and steps to find that inner knowing again and ways to build it up. Thank you love! I am so excited for your accomplishments and projects coming your way. I am starting to REALLY step outside my comfort zone into areas that I don’t know how they are going to work out but I know whatever is for my highest good – it will. It feels right to just flow with it (again thanks for your insight and advice on your own experience lately) and see where it goes and lands in my lap. I am open to miracles and create magnificence for me to shine and be of service to others. I have such a strong desire to teach and inspire others – not sure in what capacity or what avenue just yet – but I am ready to do it. I have been hearing in my head and heart lately to travel with my teachings – the healthy cooking classes I have been offering in my house for the past few months. I will see how that comes about. You have taught me to plant the seed and let the universe do the work. Of course, I still have to do some stuff but you know what I mean. I don’t worry or stress about the outcome. I know it will occur when the time is right and I am ready. Much love to you and great success with the 90 day transformation project – one of the best experiences in my life going thru that with you last Fall. Thanks again! XO

    1. You rock Kibby!!! You are just growing from strength to strength and it is so beautiful to see you following your heart and doing what you love. I can really feel the open, flowing and authentic energy space you are in at the moment and it is SO beautiful. Keep going gorgeous, you are doing some amazing work xx

  2. Hi Connie,
    Thanks for this video!! It is such an inspiring thought! I said yes to so many things because I didn’t want to lose money that now my days are too busy and I spend them in my car driving from one place to another…I think it’s time to let go of what doesn’t serve me anymore.
    thanks thanks thanks

    1. Daniele, it is great that you can really start to see how you have been filling your time with things you feel you ‘need’ to do, out of fear of not having money. This is a BIG one for many people, including me. Keep letting go and creating space beautiful xx

    1. Aw thank you Erin. I love recording them, and it makes me so happy to hear that they really resonate with you xx

  3. Connie you are amazing. Love how you remind me of crucial things. Do the thingw I do come from a place of love? Is my life being filled with things I really love.

    Thank you for that beautiful message. And you go girl follow your heart. Your heart holds all the answers.


    1. Oh thank you Sabrina. You are gorgeous. That question – am I coming from a place of love, really is so powerful! I think we all need a little reminder every now and then to check in and ask ourselves that xx

  4. A lovely reminder right now Connie, thank you! A virus which has floored me for a few days has given me the space and rest I needed to realise that I havent been allowing myself that time to nourish and replenish myself, by saying no to things weighted with expectation and obligation. Much love and gratitude to you and your lovely words 🙂 xx

    1. Yes, isn’t our body SO wise!! Sickness in our bodies can actually be powerful way that our bodies force us to slow down and stop. It is beautiful that were able to tune in to your body to feel that xx

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