How To Stay Centred During Times Of Change

Sharing today’s video has been really powerful for me. I wanted to open up and share something that has been unfolding in my life over the past few months.

There are significant shifts happening in my external world, in all areas of my life right now. Everything seems to be changing, breaking down, falling away and taking new forms.

Although at times it has been incredibly challenging, I am now finding that I am breaking through to a whole new level of peace.

I feel present, centred and calm despite the chaos that surrounds me.

I feel unbelievably guided even though I am in the throws of the complete unknown.

I feel truly powerful although many of the forms I previously placed my power in have crumbled.

I feel stronger than ever and I have a deeper sense of connection with myself than ever before, even though this has been one of the toughest periods of my life.

There is beauty to be found in the challenge. There is a divine order to be found in the chaos. There is profound love to be found in the fear.


Video: How To Stay Centered During Times Of Change

I want to share with you how I am managing to keep myself centered, grounded and calm despite the big change that surrounds me. I recorded this video from a really real and authentic space, so I hope you can feel it.

If any of you can relate to the big shift I am currently experiencing or to any other periods of change and transition you are finding yourself in, please feel free to get in touch.

Send me an email at [email protected] or leave a comment below.

Let’s all support each other through this time of transformation.


With love

Connie x

22 thoughts on “How To Stay Centred During Times Of Change”

  1. This is so inspiring Connie. You are so inspiring. In the past when I have gone through huge and scary changes I have just melted and wanted to curl up and avoid it all. But to be honest it got so bad that I hit a real rock bottom of panic attacks, self rejection, stress, judgement and just complete negativity and then slowly but surely started to feel the emotions and sit with them and realised over time that I wasn’t going to be blown out of the water without the boyfriend, the job, the……whatever had just left my life. Now sitting in the emotions still scares the hell out of me ( the inner ego telling me that) but it always works, every single time.

    I really admire you. You look amazing. You are obviously continuing with your own self care routine and you have a mental attitude that will get you through anything! Nowadays I like to bow down and thank god when a challenge comes my way. Go you Connie. And seriously, thanks for sharing. Not everyone would share this personal but very powerful information online. I wish you all the best and I am looking forward to the vlog when you will be looking back at this time and seeing just why it happened and what it has allowed come into your life. May God bless you x

    1. Karen, you are so beautiful. Thank you for your gorgeous words of support.

      Our challenges are such profound opportunities to grow and I can really hear from what you have shared from your own journey that you have developed such an inner strength and wisdom from your experiences. Feeling our emotions is one of the scariest parts but I love that you are diving in to that practice even when your ego tries to talk you out of it.

      Keep up your amazing work.

      Sending you love x

  2. What a beautiful message, Connie! I’m getting the sense that big shifts are going to occur before the end of this year, almost as if to get us into a new space for the next. It’s something I’m hearing from the people around me and from what I’m experiencing in my own life. I’ve been struggling to let go of things that have been such a big part of how I define myself… and it is scary! I’m trying to be ok with being in this space of not knowing. As you said, things are crumbling away for new things to be born. Always a pleasure to hear your insights 🙂

    1. Miranti, old things are crumbling so that even better things can come along. Yes, it is scary and it is so unfamiliar but I can tell you that you wouldn’t be experiencing this unless you were ready. It is all perfect and it is all happening to support you to go to the next level in your self and your life.

      Lots of love x

  3. What a beautiful vlog, gorgeous woman! You radiate a profound inner strength and wisdom. It’s great to see you have such a strong inner anchor. Sending you so much love and light during this time of external turmoil xx

    1. Thank you gorgeous lady. I am embracing your love and light with open arms.

      Lots of love to you x

  4. I needed this SO much today! Thank you for so beautifully sharing this transition and shifting you are experiencing. I have been feeling it so strongly and have had an anxiety attack both yesterday and Wednesday which came on randomly with no external trigger and I have never had them before. I have been struggling with the fear that has come up in allowing myself to just be present with it and trust that I am truly looked after and guided and although that inner knowing within seems to grasp that there is a higher purpose and this shift is all a part of the grand plan to propel me forward to even higher and greater things, it’s felt rocky and scary. The energies at play in the universe are surely intense but it is reassuring to keep hearing of others going through it, and your soft, gentle voice and clear faith and trust in this process was exactly what I needed today so thank you gorgeous! xx

    1. Amy, everything is happening as it is supposed to and you are exactly where you need to be. Trust that. Don’t let the fear take you down, instead keep tuning inwards and going deeper to find your inner voice and this will guide you throughout this challenging time.

      You are definitely not alone honey!

      Lots of love to you xx

  5. Dear Connie,
    This video arrived at the perfect time..I have been feeling the same way too. I feel like for so long I have been trying to hold onto certain things in my life. Now it seems as if everything is falling apart: I don’t know what to do next, I don’t know what will become of me, I don’t know if I will ever realize the dreams that I desire so deeply and think about all the time. I am feeling so lost and uncertain, I have had little motivation to do anything and I feel terrible for not being out and enjoying the warm weather before it’s cold. I feel like I have been holding onto so much resistance for so long, and now, I am releasing it..little by little…it is so painful, it hurts terribly. These emotions that come up feel so anguishing, an extreme and very profound pain, I hate to feel them. I wish there was an easier way to do this without having to feel this pain. I feel lost and abandoned, sometimes I wish this was not real. :/ And then I feel guilty because perhaps I am over exaggerating all of this, maybe my feelings are overreactions.
    Thank you for creating this video, because it has been of solace and comfort. I wish you the best on your journey x

    1. Beautiful you must have the courage to face and feel the emotions that are arising for you. Please allow yourself to be where you are, without judgement. Embrace and accept what you are experiencing and ride through them. The more you resist, the harder it will be. Once you feel it, you can clear it and move beyond it. So much clarity and support awaits you if you will just drop a little deeper, but to go deeper you must go through the emotion that is keeping you stuck on the surface.

      What you are experiencing is perfect, but it is definitely time to open up, let go and release the resistance.

      Sending you lots of love x

  6. This resonated so strongly with me. Have you checked your chart, it sounds like it could be a Pluto transit which I’ve been weathering for a couple of years. Finally coming out of the other side! I wrote about it on my blog: So much transformation, internal and external, extremely turbulent ride, but for my highest good, as you so wisely recognise xx

    1. Yes Karen it is transformation galore at the moment!! I so agree with you – the more than we can trust that this is happening so that we can become our very best self, the easier it becomes.

      Thank you for your support beautiful x

  7. You are such a beautiful speaker Connie, I really see your purpose and calling. YOu have a similar energy to Gabrielle Bernstein and I can see you are pathing a similar path in awakening women.
    Your message resonated with me on such a deep level. It was as if you are experiencing my world. I have been riding this wave all year and sometimes I see sense in it and I can see my purpose, and other weeks (like this one) I feel as though the pain will kill me. I am in such darkness this week but as you said I know I need to feel it and it’s part of the awakening process. We all need to stand together in prayer to help us get through this. God has so much purpose and ministry placed on our lives and he knows that we are the ones strong enough to be be cracked open.
    Thank you for sharing your journey. You will be in my prayers.
    It’s closer than you think. xxx

    1. Thank you Lyn. I have been really ‘finding my voice’ lately and it feels amazing.

      Yes, I agree sometimes the pain is hard to bear. But you are never given anything you cannot handle, so if you are getting big challenges thrown at you, know it is purely to help you awaken to the profound strength that already exists within you.

      We are so ready to crack open!!

      Sending you lots of love darling x

  8. My girl, you are so alive in is video. Thank you for sharing and showing us such wisdom, strength and love. Incredible to hear how the journey is unfolding for you and I have no doubt that you are busting through to some big, awesome stuff. So thrilled that ‘life’ has give you such a profound way to step into your BIGNESS. Despite the challenges I know you’ll keep on shining.

    Love you!

    1. Yes yes and yes!! There is definitely the feeling of breaking and busting through to bigness.

      As always I so appreciate your endless support gorgeous woman. So grateful to call you a soul sister.

      Love you xx

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