Embrace Your Divine Feminine Soul & Open Your Heart

My little inner whisper has been calling at me to make a shift. After a whirlwind first few months of 2014 where I have at times felt quite ‘heady’, I am now being guided to drop into an even deeper connection with my heart.

There is a pull to soften, open up, explore the sensation of ease and embody the energy of love.

The word receive has been ringing in my ears and it is becoming apparent that my usual push hard, do more, work faster approach is not what my soul is craving.


Embody Your Divine Feminine Soul

I have been lead to uncover more about my feminine soul through talks such as this by the incredible Sera Beak. My inner voice has been tugging at me to spend my weekends turning inwards, doing not much more than drinking herbal tea, reading books and listening. And more than ever I am being asked to feel. To open my heart so fully and completely that I can embrace everything that is in there, including the pain.

My soul wants support. She wants to speak up and be able to lead. And she needs solid foundations. It is up to me to embody more of my feminine, heart-driven, nurturing qualities to enable her to bloom and be expressed fully.

For me embodying the feminine energy and opening of my heart go hand in hand. They are inextricably linked. Each has a flow on effect upon the other.

Today I want to share with you 3 of the key practices I am taking on board to drop deeper in to my feminine soul and expand my heart more than ever before.


1. Keep Your Heart Wide Open

An open heart is vulnerable, yet strong. Love is given freely without needing anything in return. All parts of a person or situation are embraced and accepted, free from judgement or labels such as bad or wrong. Unconditional love means just that – love with no conditions. An open heart feels. Truly feels. Feels everything that is in there. 

The typical response to pain, fear and judgement is to close our heart. We go in to protection mode, self-preserving and ensuring any perceived threat is kept at bay. This happens when we believe the illusion that fear is real. When we think someone can hurt us or take something from us. We start making our love conditional again. We use our love as currency to value or de-value ourselves or another, rather than letting it flow freely.

And so I have been working to keep my beautiful heart, open.

I have been sitting in my meditations with a large chunk of rose quartz pressed firmly against my chest. I have lovingly nudged my heart to open, just that little bit more. To feel safe to love again. To let people in and to receive their energy. To feel safe connecting, being seen and taking risks. To feel safe expressing her truth with no guarantee it will be approved of.

And as I have felt my heart gently open, I have cried. 

When you open your heart you might uncover some buried pain. Pain that you numbed out by closing your heart. But upon opening you have to feel.

Let yourself feel it all. The good, the bad, the ugly. The unresolved stuff. The unrequited love. The rejection. The bliss. All of it.


2. Embrace The Soft, Feminine Flow

Feminine energy is fluid, creative and free. To me it feels soft and receptive and when I embody it I feel a warm rush of energy radiating from my heart-space and out through my cheeks.

This is the energy of feeling. Where we let ourselves flow with the energy within us. What feels good, light and expansive is an indication of what is right for us. When life feels effortless, easy and graceful we are in the gentle flow of feminine energy guiding us moment by moment.

I have been using this energy as my guide. As I scan my to do list, I make decisions based on how they feel. I sit with my varying options and notice – which task pulls at me? Where does the energy feel light and free flowing? Where is there inspiration, eagerness and excitement? Well, that is my next task and I follow that.

What connects you with that energy? For me, I have felt myself powerfully drawn to wearing pastels and florals, burning a beautiful blend of ylang ylang, rose geranium and rosewood, dancing to music that makes my body want to move, keeping rose quartz on my desk and working by the soft glow of candlelight. 

All of these call me closer to my heart. They make me feel. The drop me out of my head and move me in to my body. They connect me with my senses and remind me to find my answers within.


3. Expand Your Energy To Receive

And the final piece of the puzzle is energy. This is the cornerstone of what I am being called to work with. Our masculine, logical mind can pull us strongly in to a space of action and incessant doing in order to make stuff happen in our lives.

But the feminine, heart-driven approach is not so much about doing, as it is about receiving. Action plays a powerful role in manifestation, but it is always followed by a conscious pre-paving of energy.

To receive is to open up. To expand our energy to allow in more. Our focus is not on getting more, as we already feel full. Rather it is about receiving an abundant supply of what we already are. We become magnetic to what we desire. And we call it in through consciously working with our energy.

So, my daily process has looked a little like this…

I have written out my key desires on some paper and have them resting on my altar surrounded by candles, oracle cards, a sage stick and my little buddha.

Each morning, I sit in front of this space, close my eyes and energetically call in what I want. I feel the energy of it, and I align myself with it. I imagine my energy become high, light and filled with love and I feel myself being magnetic to everything that is in line with that beautiful energy.

As I open my heart to call in what I want, I feel as though I already have it. I connect with it energetically and I know on that level it is already done.

Manifestation then becomes a process of letting go, allowing and receiving. All action is inspired by your heart rather than your fear driven head, and it is supported by the energetic work of your soul.


What are your thoughts about this more feminine, heart-driven approach to life? Share with me one practice from this post that you are going to take on board in the comments below.

With love,

Connie x

6 thoughts on “Embrace Your Divine Feminine Soul & Open Your Heart”

    1. Oh hun, thank you. It is a vision that is totally pulling me towards it at full force x

  1. Hi Connie, I love your new website, it is so beautiful and really you! I enjoyed this post and what resonated with me the most that I am going to implement is keeping my heart wide open. I have a tendency to feel fear and close my heart and to be self-preserving, particularly in my relationships. I am realizing this and trying to embrace opening up my heart to give more! xx

    1. You and me both Aimee! Relationships can be a beautiful opportunity to keep our heart powerfully open with another, even when it makes feel vulnerable

  2. Love this post Connie. Heart opening is a big one for me – mine was very closed for a long time due to some major external changes a few years ago. Over the past several months everything has shifted and while I’ve been really challenged, I’ve found my true self more and I’ve become really committed to connecting to this energy and opening up. Hearing about your practices is so helpful for me and I feel like this post is a bit of divinely timed guidance for me. Thank you. Xx

  3. Your words resonated with me completely! Dropping into my heart has pulled me back into what’s important when my ego takes me in twenty directions. To release all those and focus on ease, energy, and space, is so comforting to my soul and centers me with where I need to be. Beautifully written! You can tell that your words flow from your beautiful soul! x


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