How To Stop Questioning Yourself & Own Your Truth

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Many of us are receiving the inner call to be more authentic, express more of what feels true to us and march to the beat of our own drum.

We want to feel free to be ourselves without the paralysing self-questioning patterns that often arise when we attempt to embody a new way of being.

In order to be more of our true selves, we may need to let go of some old patterns.

We may have spent our whole life doing things in a certain way as we know it is accepted and approved of by others.

Being more of your authentic self may require you to break away from the pack, be more unique and challenge the way things have been done.

For many of us, this feels new and scary and we are not yet sure if what we are doing is right. We are so used to doing what is right for others, or what is ‘acceptable’ that we question anything that falls outside of that.


Your Analytical Mind vs. Your Authentic Self

Personally I have been feeling called to show up in a new way and express parts of myself that I have hidden away. Our old identities are being broken down, so that our true authentic selves can emerge. It is only when we mentally resist this process that we struggle.

Our mind will tell us that it is not safe to take this new step. That people will no longer love us if we express our truth. That we will no longer belong if we walk a different path. It is up to us to catch our mind’s limiting words and challenge them.

I have really had to work through my analytical mind which is jumping in to question me every time I attempt to take a new, more authentic step. It’s words cause me to doubt my truth, question my heart and shy away from the leaps I feel called to take. 

I have had to return to the original feeling that arose and re-connect with it, so that I can let it guide me beyond the fear.


Video: Stop Questioning Yourself & Own Your Truth

In today’s video I share with you how I am supporting myself through this process. Living authentically is not about doing what is right for everyone else, but rather doing what feels right to us. When we do, we turn inwards for our answers and let our own unique inner voice guide us in each moment.

 To Recap What I Share In This Video:

+ Your mind will question your truth when it begins to take you on a different, less conventional or more authentic path.

+ When you believe what your mind is telling you, you will question yourself, experience self doubt and feel paralysed.

+ Your work is to release the mind and tune back in to what you feel. Use what feels right to you, as your indication as to whether what you are about to do, say or create is right.

Use The Following Affirmation (click image to download, keep and share)

Authentic Self Affirmation Card


Have you been questioning yourself, experiencing self-doubt or wondering if what you feel called to do is right? Share with me in the comments, one practise you will take on board from this post to support you.

With love,

Connie x

13 thoughts on “How To Stop Questioning Yourself & Own Your Truth”

  1. Hey Connie,

    I watched this video and completely understood and related. I have been making a career shift and I was so stuck on what everyone else thought (my external world) that I ended up questioning myself. Through all your videos (not only this one) I realised how it’s my choice and the right thing for me. So a huge thank you. It’s nice to know there are other out there who struggle with this conflict between mind and heart. 🙂

    1. conniechapman

      Yes! The area of our career is where so many of us struggle to follow our truth out of fear of what others will say. But I love that you are reconnecting with yourself and what is truly right for you so that you can keep following your heart. Beautiful hun x

  2. This video is great Connie and such an important concept that can be forgotten. I struggle with it a fair bit because I care so much what other people think but I am definitely working on what is best for me and other people can take it or leave it.xx

    1. conniechapman

      Thank you Kylie.. I actually think I will do a follow up video on how to deal with the fear of others opinions and judgements as it blocks so many of us following our truth x

  3. Thank you for this post Connie, it’s so timely for me and really helps me understand what’s going on for me. I am just beginning to open up and to connect energetically to the feelings that are my essence and to the feelings that I want to experience. It’s really new and I want to strengthen this but just as you say, the analytical mind wants to analyse it! This post has helped me understand what’s going on, and how easily I can get in my own way without really meaning to. Our minds are such curious, questioning things! I’m taking from your words the reassurance and confidence that this is a normal part of the process, and more importantly I have the choice (and empowerment) to come back to opening up and reaffirming my value in my mind and my heart, rather than let the insecurities hold my attention. I am very comforted and supported by this post, and by all your posts. x

    1. conniechapman

      Yes sometimes just understanding what is going on really helps! I love that you are really allowing yourself to open up to your truth and your feelings even though it is new and unfamiliar. Gorgeous work hun! x

  4. This is such a beautiful video post and this is something that has been coming up a lot for me in the last week, quite unexpectedly! Hearing your words and guidance really made me smile from recognition and feel light and easy, and remember to follow the feeling / not over-think things or be fearful. 🙂 That is the ultimate in authenticity and happiness…and such good things come from following your heart! Such a comforting and wise post, Connie. Love it.

    1. conniechapman

      Perfect Yolie. That light easy feeling is what we feel when we honour our truth. It is only when we allow the fear voice to take over that we experience the heaviness and resistance. Beautiful to hear this post is so perfectly aligned with what you are feeling x

  5. Hi Connie,

    I was just thinking about the word – authentic and here I am listening to your video about being authentic and living our own truth. This is definitely no coincidence. Thank you for this inspiring and truthful post. You speak with such grace and authenticity. Keep up this beautiful and amazing work that you are doing! xx

    1. conniechapman

      Shirly I love that we are always lead to exactly what we need to hear. Beautiful to know we are on the same page x

  6. Can I just ask, I’ve noticed all of the wellness bloggers I follow have re-branded their web pages under their own names recently – is this a B School initiative? Just wasn’t sure what this change was about. Thank you!

    1. conniechapman

      I think it is a personal choice hun, rather than being necessarily impacted by Bschool. For me personally I made that transition as it felt right to me x

  7. Hi Connie, wow this video was exactly what I needed today. I’ve been considering ending a relationship with someone in my life as my soul is urging me to be free and that this person is not serving me anymore but my mind has me caught so caught in paralysis that when I tried to take brave action and end it previously I got so scared I ended up back where I started. I really want to be courageous and take action so I’m going to journal, meditate and use your affirmation so I can let go of my mind and be clear and okay with my decision. xx

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