How To Navigate Big Change Without Freaking Out

Maybe it is my Taurean nature, but whenever I start to get the inner inkling that change is on the way, I find myself being pulled in to freak out mode. My mind starts racing, I feel unsettled and my controlling patterns rear their ugly head. 

You would think that after experiencing so many huge changes in my life over the past few years (eg: quitting my day job, starting a business, moving home, ending a long term relationship etc..) that I would have learnt how to move through these moments effortlessly.

Unfortunately this does not yet come naturally. However, with a little work, I have now learned how to ground and centre myself despite the change that swirls around me.

Periods of big change are often filled with uncertainty and the unknown, but they do not need to rock us to our core. It is important for us to learn how to navigate these periods of transition and transformation with grace and ease rather than stress and struggle. 


1. Find Your Stability Within

When our attention is purely outside of ourselves we get knocked around by change like a cork bobbing in the ocean. But when we are deeply connected and present to our inner world we can use that beautiful inner space as our support.

If we can find our stability and security within us, rather than looking to our unstable external world, we can drop in to a space of peace and flow.

Take your attention off everything unfolding around you and set aside time for practices that slow you down, nourish you and support you. With a calm and balanced inner world you will not only be less reactive to your external events, but your energy will flow out to create shifts in the world around you.


2. Trust Whole-Heartedly

The best thing you can do during big periods of change is simply flow with it. Resisting, fighting and struggling with situations that are out of your control only amplifies the discomfort. 

This is where the practise of trust comes in. We do not need to know why something is happening or how it will be resolved. Instead we just trust whole-heartedly that we are exactly where we are meant to be.

Look beyond the surface, dig a little deeper and uncover the hidden value or supportive lesson that exists amongst the struggle you are experiencing. When you do, you will see that there is a divine reason behind everything that happens and it is all happening for your higher good.


3. Work With Energy, Not Action

When things are in a state of flux and you do not yet know which way to turn, it is best to not act. In these periods you can instead work with your energy to begin to align yourself with your desired outcome.

Spend time in quietness using your imagination to connect with the energy of what you want to create. What outcome are you working towards? How would you love it to unfold? See it all happening how you want it to.

As you use your imagination, feel as though it is already done. As you work with your energy to connect with what you want, you begin to draw it towards you.


4. Tune In For Guidance

The more you try to make sense of this chaotic period of change, the more overwhelmed you will become. Let go of needing to figure it all out and tune inwards for your guidance. 

Sit down with your journal and write a question at the top of the page. You could simply ask for supportive wisdom or for some guidance on a specific challenge. Sit with the question and see what comes to you.

Even if you do not receive guidance initially trust that you will. You may be lead to a book, have your answer come through a conversation or stumble across a blog that gives you exactly what you need.


What changes and transitions are you moving through at the moment and what are you going to take on board from this post to support you? Share with me below.

With love,

Connie x

3 thoughts on “How To Navigate Big Change Without Freaking Out”

  1. I’ve been very drained of late by family conflict. Despite attempts to be forgiving and come from a more loving perspective, the issue continues to persist and really, really weigh me down and play on my mind.

    I will take away from this post the lessons of being less reactive to external events and try to stop “resisting, fighting and struggling with situations that are out of my control”, as well as trying to figure everything out.

    I’ve been affirming ‘in time, this too shall past’ and to trust ‘everything is unfolding as it should’ so hopefully a positive shift will happen soon.

    Thanks Connie for your beautiful words.

    1. conniechapman

      The most powerful thing you can practise here is acceptance. Accept was is unfolding, rather than resisting. Let it be. Allow each person in your family to be who they are. Then, it is just to you to sit with and process what it bring up in you hun x

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