It Only Works If You Work It

These days with the help of things like google, youtube and online blogs we have a wealth of transformative content at our finger tips.

The quality of the information that we can receive by simply going online has never been so high. It is easy get caught up in this world of reading, learning and taking on all of this new knowledge, without then putting these principles in to practice in our life.

We can understand something at a intellectual level and think we ‘know’ it, but really we do not truly know it unless we can fully live it and integrate it into our daily life experience.


Knowing It Vs. Living It 

Do you read lots of blogs, have a whole bookcase of self development books and attend every event or workshop that you come across?

In today’s video I share how I spent years learning and acquiring all of this beautiful information without really seeing much change occur in my life.

Why? Because I wasn’t living what I knew.

Knowing it is not enough. Knowing it is just about accumulating information in your head and then repeating it to others. Knowing something is an inauthentic and surface level experience. But living it, is a  whole different story. 

If you are not experiencing the deep, transformative and lasting change you are experiencing, it is because you haven’t yet made the shift to apply and live what you know.


Video: Are You Living What You Know? 


In the video I share 3 practices you can take on board:

1. Start small by choosing 2-3 things you want to begin implementing and create them as daily routines and you can integrate in to your life.

2. Practice self awareness by becoming  more conscious of who you are being now. We can only change what we are aware of, so check in with yourself regularly and if you have fallen off track, do the work to shift your energy.

3. Join us on The 90 Day Transformation Project which was specifically designed to guide you through practical week by week work so you can apply it and live it, rather than just knowing it.


On a final note, I have to share with you this amazing Review of The 90 Day Transformation Project written by one of my current participants Erika. It is powerful and beautiful and gave me the tingles!

This review is proof that this project has the ability to transform your life, if you do the work. Remember, it only works if you work it!


Let’s get honest.What do you feel that at the moment you know but are currently not living? What are some practices you can implement to support you to begin applying it to your life? Share with me below.

With love,

Connie x

6 thoughts on “It Only Works If You Work It”

    1. conniechapman

      Oh thank you beautiful. It is only by living it that your life will shift x

  1. This really resonated with me – I have definitely fallen into the trap of compulsively seeking information about all the different ways of transforming my life, yet not actually applying and implementing these practices. Often I feel overwhelmed by this wealth of information out there (that can often be conflicting!). I think your advice to just start small and focus on 2-3 habits to create or integrate in your life is really valuable, as its much more manageable and less daunting for someone who feels like they have so much to work on and have no idea where to start. Thanks again 🙂

    1. conniechapman

      I agree Clare. When I try to do it all at once it is way too much! But when I can choose a couple of practises to start with it makes it so much easier x

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