3 Steps To Being Bigger & Receiving More

On Sunday night I ran my final Live Call for current participants of The 90 Day Transformation Project. I was talking to them about the topic of playing big, but our conversation was not about trying to do more, work harder or strive for bigger goals.

Rather it was about being bigger.

I shared with them on the call that in order to play bigger and be bigger they will need to let go of everything that is keeping them small.

The things that keep us being small are the things that take up mental and emotional space inside of us.

Those thoughts that swirl on repeat, those emotions that we have been carrying inside of us for years, the limitations that we impose on ourselves, the stories we tell of why we ‘can’t’, the times we spent caught up in the future or the past…

In order to be bigger and receive bigger we need to create space for bigger things to come in to our life. We need to make space in ourselves.

We need to become a bigger container to hold on to and receive bigger things in our external world.


3 Steps To Being Bigger 

I was reflecting on what I shared with them, and I felt inspired to share this with all of you. So, here are 3 beautiful ways that you can begin to open up, be bigger and receive more.


1. Be Aware Of What Is Keeping You Small

Awareness creates consciousness, and consciousness is spaciousness.

To be bigger, we must expand our consciousness. We must clear out anything within our consciousness that clogs our energetic space.

What is keeping you small? What is taking up space inside of you? Do you know? Practicing self awareness will help you find out.

Do you find yourself mulling over the same issue on repeat in your mind?

Do you re-hash memories and stories that you know make you feel crappy, but you wallow in those emotions anyway?

Do you rush around at a million miles an hour, never really setting aside time to sit, be still and breathe?

Do you believe that little voice in your head that says you can’t do or have what you want?

Do you buy in to limitations rather than dwelling in possibilities?

Do you spend time judging, criticising or attacking others (or yourself?)

These are just a few of patterns that take up inner space, keep us small and block us from our true power.


2. Create Inner Space

In order to call in bigger things in to your life and receive even greater amounts of abundance, we have to create inner space for it.

We can create more inner space by becoming more present, slowing our mind and becoming the observer of our thoughts rather then being our thoughts.

When you are your thoughts, you are caught up in the emotion of them. Stories and memories play over and over in your mind and you are caught in the grip of them experiencing a range of emotions and high’s and low’s.

When you become the witness of the thoughts, you create space between the thought and you. You are not your thoughts. You just observe them. This creates a sense of distance and there is less emotional knee jerk reactions to the flood of thoughts racing through your brain.

Meditation is a really powerful way to create space. When you come in to the present moment, focus on your breathe and  allow your mind to settle you create much more inner space within you.


3. Feel It And Clear It

Often when we make the inner decision to play bigger in our lives, shit suddenly hits the fan. We have all of these grand intentions to be big, but then all the old stuff (be it fear, limitations, stories etc) all seem to rise to the surface and become stronger than ever!


Because, as I mentioned earlier, in order for you to be bigger, you have to let go of whatever is keeping you small.

And how do you let go of what is keeping you small? You become aware of it, you feel it and you clear it. It rises to the surface so you can process it and let it go and clear out the space for you to be bigger.

So, if this happens, accept the process. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t give up.

Feel. Open up. Cry. Release it.

Let go of what is keeping you small so you can create the space you need to be big.


Are You Ready to Be Bigger & Receive More?

The next round of The 90 Day Transformation Project kicks off soon and I would love for you to join us!

Over this beautiful 3 month journey, I will guide you week by week through the process of clearing out everything that is keeping you small so you can step up to be your most radiant and happiest self.

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Tell me how you are wanting to be bigger and receive bigger in your life? What ways of ‘being small’ will you need to let go of so you can create space for your greatness?

With love,

Connie x

4 thoughts on “3 Steps To Being Bigger & Receiving More”

  1. Oh Connie! So beautiful and so simple 🙂 thank you!! Even the most committed meditators are still often hard on ourselves. I needed to hear that today, don’t judge the process and don’t be hard on myself! Sometimes stillness can be uncomfortable, it’s the surrender part of meditation that sometimes I forget 😉 thank you for the reminder xx

    1. Yes yes yes, the juice of meditation is the surrender part. I too find myself resisting the discomfort that arises in stillness, but I love the feeling that arises if I allow myself to feel it and drop through it 🙂

  2. Connie,
    Thank you for such an inspirational and insightful post. What you have shared has been exactly the steps that I have been doing from stepping away from that step into who I truly am and what I have to share so thank you for bringing that into light as it is very important and needed right now.
    Blessings your way x

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