Is It Time For An Inner Clean-Up?

What would it feel like to have a beautiful, clean sparkly inner world? A mindset only filled with loving, positive and empowering thoughts. A heart that was open, expansive and overflowing with unconditional love. Self talk that strengthened you, believed in you and only focused on your successes. Your energy was calm, balanced and aligned with your highest potential.

Many of us find ourselves clicking in and out of this space.

Yes, sometimes we can say kind things to ourselves, acknowledge our strengths and feel a sense of self acceptance, but other times it seems like a distant dream.

Personally, I spent a good ten years getting glimpses of this beautiful feeling but never being able to stay connected to it. And the minute I experienced it, all I felt was the fear of potentially losing it.

While I still have to show up daily for inner work to connect me with this space, my ability to drop in to it is more effortless than ever. Sometimes it is only one breath away. Sometimes all it takes is a simple shift of perception and I am there. Sometimes I just wake up feeling that way. But still, there are days, where I have to work to clear the space in my inner world.

I still have days where those dark inner thoughts loom like clouds blocking a sunny sky.


Begin With An Inner Check Up

Whenever we find things not working in our life, or we feel that all to familiar funk in our energy, or the negative inner chatter never seems to slow, we have got to do an inner check up. We have got to stop, take responsibility for what is going on here and make a conscious choice to shift it.

The quality of our inner world, determines the quality of our life. We can no longer just complain about the things we are not happy with in our life, we must instead turn inwards and work to clear out what is causing them in the first place.

We can’t just choose to hang around in a low, negative energy because we feel like it.

We must use these murky moments as a check up. As a reminder that something in our mind has strayed from our truth.

Many of us are getting the call to connect with our higher energy and embody more of our light. As each of us make our own inner shifts, we contribute to the collective energy of the planet. If we want to heal the world, it starts with healing ourselves.

We must face up to the old emotions of resentment, anger, jealousy or blame that we are holding on to. We must notice when we are telling that same disempowering story on repeat. We must catch our inner critic when it beats the crap out of us. And we must choose to make a shift.


The Inner Transformation Video Series

Most people have no idea where to begin doing this inner work, or how to actually apply it so that they can experience tangible shifts. When I was in my early to mid twenties I was addicted to personal development books, but did that mean my life changed? No. I had no idea how to live this stuff so it just stayed as concepts in my mind.

I decided to create something for you that would serve as a powerful starting point for any of you ready to commence this journey of inner work.

I created a free 3 part Inner Transformation Video Training Series to support you with some of the key foundations in creating inner shifts. 

These video’s will guide you through practices and principles with associated worksheets to help you.

Access the free Inner Transformation Training  here

And if you love what you experience in this initial training I recommend you click through the site to read more about The 90 Day Transformation Project. This project has been designed specifically to guide you week by week through different areas of inner work. You will receive workbooks, videos, live calls with me, meditations and other bonuses that will allow you to make powerful, long lasting inner shifts.

If you want to be able to really step in to your potential and embody the energy of who you know you really are, you must work to clear out everything that is not that. 

It is time to challenge and question your fear-based and limited thinking.

Instead choose to reconnect with your heart’s energy, your loving inner guidance and your spirit essence.

My wish for you is to experience the freedom, peace and absolute bliss that comes from living as who you really are. It is my hope that this training will support you to begin that journey.

So, are you ready to get started?

Click here to access the free 3 part training series.

With love, 

Connie x