How To Build A Loving & Empowering Relationship With Yourself (AR #59)

I lived many years of my life ruled by an addiction to external love. I had a desperate yearning to be loved, and seeing I had no idea how to create that for myself, I chased and sought and searched for it outside of me.

I would change my body and appearance, modify by behaviour and even take on different personalities in order to fit in and be accepted by others. I was addicted to the love and attention I would receive from men, as it validated me and made me feel that I was loveable.

I would ride a rollercoaster of emotions depending on what my partner was giving me. When a man would shower me with love and affection I was on top of the world, and when he took his attention from me I became riddled insecurity and anxiety.

Over the past few years, I learnt a lot about how to take my power out of the various forms of external love, be it a man’s affection, the feedback I receive on my work, the number of like or comments, or the acceptance of my friends.

I have discovered how to tune deeply into myself, to understand my wants and needs and learn how to support, love and care for myself.

I feel grateful that I have now come to a place where I know I am source of my love, and although I can still get caught up in old patterns, I know how to catch them, re-connect and come back to myself.  

I felt inspired to jump on the podcast today and dive into an exploration of self-love and how we can deepen our relationship with ourselves. This had been on my mind as a topic for months but it was inspired today by a conversation with one of my beautiful coaching clients.

In the episode, I share some insights on what it means to practise self-love and I give you 4 practical starting points to begin filling yourself up with love, from within.


In this episode I explore & discuss;

  • What it means to practise self-love and the importance of building a loving relationship with yourself.
  • The power of learning to be alone and love your own company.
  • My simple self-connection practise that will help you tune into yourself each day.
  • Why we are so addicted to external love and attention and how to support ourselves through the discomfort and emptiness we feel when we are alone.
  • My favourite ‘little loves list’ practise that will help you to experience happiness, fulfilment and wholeness from within.
  • The 2 most powerful self-love questions you can ask to help you support yourself and meet your needs in any moment.
  • How to open your heart energy, treat yourself with more kindness, softness and acceptance and let love lead your life each day.


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“Self-love is a process of releasing everything that disconnects us from the presence of love within” Click to tweet

“Don’t wait in anxiety for someone to give what you need. Instead discover how to give it to yourself” Click to tweet

“The inner emptiness you feel is your indicator that you have disconnected from yourself.” Click to tweet

“Write a list of all the little things you love, and commit to doing one of them each day.” Click to tweet

“Love yourself enough to honour your desires and commit to taking action towards them.” Click to tweet

“The longest and most significant relationship you will ever be in, is the one you have with yourself” Click to tweet


What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? What one practise would you love to take on board to love, care for and support yourself more? Share with me in the comments.


With love,
Connie x

2 thoughts on “How To Build A Loving & Empowering Relationship With Yourself (AR #59)”

  1. Hi Connie, loved this! I am a BIG self-love advocate, and what has worked for me is understanding that everything in my life is relationship I have with myself. Often times, we look to the outside to ‘fix’ something, but the outside is always reflecting someone that is going on within. When I practice self-love – I no longer make myself separate from my truth and wholeness. In the spacious of my being – lies everything. I really like the little loves list – I call it my love habits….one mine is meditation, walks in nature and journaling. Thank you for your gifts! x

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