The Path Of Conscious Living (For Men) with Jamie Gonzalez (AR #26)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #26 The Path of Conscious Living (For Men) with Jamie Gonzalez

I have had the incredible honour of being able to support hundreds of women embark on a journey of conscious living. But I couldn’t help but feel that while it is beautiful to watch women waking up to their true power, there seems to be little support out there for men. 

So, in today’s episode of Awaken Radio I have a powerful conversation with Mentor, Speaker and Writer Jamie Gonzalez which will empower men who want to dive in to this journey. We discuss what it means to live consciously, what some of the key blocks are that hold men back from embracing this way of living and Jamie provides practical guidance for men on how to start listening to what you feel and following it.


In Today’s Inspiring Episode We Cover:

+ What Conscious Living means and how to begin listening to and following your feelings.

+ Why living consciously requires a shift from the ego-driven masculine which is about external outcomes, competitiveness, building yourself up, achieving goals and attaining results, to the conscious masculine which about being real, open and true to yourself.

+ The starting steps you can take to live more consciously including; creating space, stopping and slowing down, tuning into your gut instinct and connecting with yourself.

+ What it means to be vulnerable and how to begin to be more real and open about how you feel with yourself and others.

+ How to create phenomenal love-driven relationships and why finding true connection with a woman, begins with finding connection with yourself.

+ Some powerful guidance for women on how to best support the men in their life. 


Listen to Episode #26 with Jamie Gonzalez:

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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with us in the comments below.

Connie x

10 thoughts on “The Path Of Conscious Living (For Men) with Jamie Gonzalez (AR #26)”

  1. Wow Connie and Jamie – what an amazing interview. I loved every word in this soul filled conversation! I completely agree with the notion that relationships is really about how we are connecting to ourselves and a detachment from not making the other person the only source of happiness for ourselves. I find that when I enter into a relationship where I am bringing into it my own source of contentment, everything seems to flow so much more easily and I show up as myself authentically.

    What a powerful talk to inspire guys out there to be a little bit more open to being vulnerable too!


    1. I loved that part of the conversation too Jo. It is a tricky practise but maintaining our connection with ourselves while in a relationship with another is the most powerful thing we can do xx

  2. What a wonderful contribution to the conversation of the Divine living. The feminine cannot fully express itself without being penetrated by the masculine……we crave a Beloved. Whether this is actualised internally or with a partner (or bliss, both!) it is the path to wholeness. Thank you Connie x

    1. Oh Mel, how beautiful! There is such an incredible interplay between masculine and feminine and I agree that these relationships are one of the most powerful catalysts for own spiritual awakening xx

  3. Though this was geared towards men, I found lots of value. I loved Jamie’s story about feeling his love and inner guidance whisper to him so powerfully. And a couple weeks later, a woman showed up! Feeling that happiness and beauty in himself connected him to her. It’s a lesson I know I need to learn in my own personal life. It’s not been easy recently, but I’m going to do that actually. Come from a place of love so someone can connect to that beautiful source of love to me. Thanks for a wonderful episode again, Connie! I got my friend addicted to your Awaken Radio, too 🙂

    1. Awesome Priyanka, it was my hope that both men and women would gain value from this and I am so glad you did. I too loved Jamie’s example. Such a powerful reminder that the forms of the external world are a reflection of what we are feeling within xx

  4. Connie,
    Just stumbled upon your site while looking for a definition of : “trusting the process of life” Comments closed on that article – but – absolutely lovely explanation – thank your very much. I liked it so much, that I decided to check-out your home page and found this audio with Jamie.

    From a guys perspective : You and Jamie nailed it. So much can be said about how hard it is to be a man or a woman – but the truth seems to be that we are all under a lot of pressure to conform to whatever gender-based standards exist. Fortunately for women, they are allowed the luxury of “crying”, or in other terms – they are allowed to have feelings, and in some sub-cultures, they are allowed the freedom to actually DO something about them. Whereas men, on the other hand, have been encouraged to ignore or disregard feelings (because they can get in the way of doing their duties) sense that something is missing and are even a little envious of the freedom women have to “get real”.
    Men are more desperate, and more willing to be open, than most people think.

    Thank You Connie and Jamie — for this.
    Namaste, The Spiritual Tow Truck : )

    1. Charlie, thank you!! It is awesome to get some feedback from a guy and hear that what we shared was valuable and supportive. I do feel so many men are really ready to dive deeper in to this journey, to wake up, to feel more and to open up and your comments have just confirmed that. Thank you for stopping by and for your awesome feedback!

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