How To Find The Hidden Blessings In Your Challenges

Let’s be honest, life is not always a walk in the park. On our journey, we are often faced with a range of different challenges that can at times, holt us in our tracks and cause us to fall in a heap.

These may be challenges within ourselves such as struggles with self-doubt, confusion, fear, overwhelm or self-sabotaging patterns that we can’t seem to stop. Or, we may be manifesting challenges in our world such as relationship break-ups, financial hardships, health concerns or issues within our career.

It doesn’t matter what the struggle is. What matters is how we respond to it, what we make it mean and whether we allow it to destroy us or make us stronger.

Our intention should not be to remove challenges from our life altogether, but rather to learn how to shift our perspective around them so that we can use them as powerful opportunities for growth and self-awareness.

If we think that every time we encounter a challenge that something has gone wrong, or even worse that there is something wrong with us, we will experience huge amounts of struggle and stress whenever challenges arise.

Instead, we must call in a supportive way of viewing these experiences so we can flow through them with more ease.


Video: Find The Blessings In Your Challenges

In today’s video I provide some powerful new perspectives that will help you see your challenges in a new light. I also share 3 key questions you can explore to begin to uncover the hidden blessings that exist within your most challenging experiences.


Explore these 3 steps from the video:

1. Look at areas within yourself or your life where you are experiencing challenge and explore all the thoughts and feelings arising. Ask; What is causing this challenge? What out-dated belief system is holding me back? What am I making this challenge mean about me or my life? How am I actually contributing to, or creating this challenge?

2. Uncover the growth opportunity. Ask; How can I grow from this? What is the new way of being that I want to step into as a result of witnessing this challenge?

3. Find the hidden blessing. Ask; What big lessons can I learn from this challenge? What can I be grateful for about this experience?


What are some of the growth opportunities, big lessons or hidden blessings that you uncovered in your current challenges? Share with me in the comments below.


With love, 

Connie x

18 thoughts on “How To Find The Hidden Blessings In Your Challenges”

  1. This is just what I needed to hear today Connie. xo

    I have recently been dealing with a ton of overwhelming emotions about how much I dislike my job. I feel so much sadness and anger that I have to spend so much time doing something I dislike when I have SO much passion and excitement in a total opposite area.

    Even though I dislike my job I have learned a lot about myself and its been a great career stepping stone. I know I just need to believe that I will get to where I want to be and see the positive light of where I am at now.

    This is just one step on my journey and that I am meant to be in this place right now. All in good time.

    Also love your videos and posts Connie. I am always so excited when a new one pops up!

    Chelsea J

    1. Chelsea – I agree with your sentiments. I am feeling your words! One of Connie’s post she talks about how instead of waiting to feel something, start feeling it now. I remember the example was starting a business. If you want to start a business, then don’t wait until you have one to feel great and loving. I’m in a transition period myself in my life and I’ve been starting to feel beautiful and loving towards myself. I do feel a lot better and ironically, things seem to be be falling into place.

      Connie – Great post! I was not feeling too high this week. Some personal things with family, but it made me shift my perspective to one of finding blessing even in my challenges.

      1. What you shared with Chelsea was really powerful Priyanka. I completely agree. Transitions are super tough, but we can’t put all of our happiness on hold while we wait for our circumstances to change. Glad this message came at the perfect time for you too x

    2. That is a beautiful example of how to apply this message Chelsea. I was in a job that I didn’t love for years while I worked up the courage, confidence and self-belief to start my business. There is most likely important growth happening within you now to prepare you for what you truly want to do, so just trust that hun. Lots of love x

  2. Thanks Connie, this is a powerful video in helping us move to a new perspective.

    p.s. I really like your white fluffy chair, makes it look like you have angel wings !

  3. Connie, I absolutely love the way you speak about this topic- you’re so eloquent and clear!

    Often, it’s incredibly easy to blame things outside of ourselves to explain why we’re brushing up against something challenging. It’s not as painful and it enables us to forget about things quickly. The real work happens when we go inside of ourselves and examine how reactive we’re being and why.

    Beautiful words, as always- thank you Connie- xx

    1. Trust me Kate, I have fallen into the trap of blaming things outside of me lots of times, but it causes so much pain. When we can bring our attention back to ourselves we realise we have so much power to create change xx

  4. Wonderful video Connie! And a new way of being that I have really been trying to embrace right now. So much more of an empowering space to be in xx 🙂

  5. Hi Connie, I’m in love with this video! As I am in my first year in college, I’ve had to deal with new things, good and bad, but what I really learned was more about myself. Although it has only been a few months, I’ve had quite a few challenges but I never really stop to reflect. I’m excited to see the blessings in my challenges and really dig down deep. Again, thank you for such lovely encouraging words. x

    1. Brianna, I am the same way – often throwing myself into new things and forging forward without reflecting on the learnings and growth. But that is where we find the true value of an experience. It is not in the outcome but in the journey xx

  6. Well, this post couldn’t have come at a better time! It was just the boost I needed. It is nice to have a little reminder to take a mental step back from a situation in order to reframe. Sometimes it can be too easy to become trapped in one’s own mind tornado!

    Thank you for your positivity!


  7. Thank you for this beautiful message, it really flows well from what you’ve been talking about with going through a season of transformation. My challenge is being satisfied in my current job while wanting to desperately coach full time. What has helped is knowing that this job is financing my dream career and I have been using that money to invest in things that will help build and grow myself, my clients and my business. Also need to learn not to take things personally which is hard when you put so much heart and soul into what you do.

  8. Thank you for your beautiful comment Diana. I recently heard Eckhart Tolle share about how we can use jobs that we don’t love as a form of spiritual practise and the more we can accept where we are now, and stop resisting the present, the more life will bring us opportunities to create a change. Here is a link to the video xx

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