Building Self-Worth & Confidence with Debbie Spellman (AR #25)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #25 Building Self-Worth and Confidence with Debbie Spellman

Most of us have struggled with feelings of insecurity, not feeling good enough or low self-worth at one point or another. These inner patterns are crushing to our confidence and sabotage us from stepping in to our potential and pursuing our dreams. 

In today’s episode of Awaken Radio I dive deep with Mind Detox Therapist and Coach, Debbie Spellman who shares some practical and powerful tools you can begin to apply right away to experience tangible shifts in your feelings of worth and confidence. You will learn how to release negative feelings when they arise, overcome self-sabotaging patterns, and soothe yourself so you can meet your own needs and feel full and whole.


In Today’s Empowering Episode We Cover:

+ Why you must re-define how you measure your self-worth to avoid it being based on external factors such as your job title, physical appearance or other people’s opinions. 

+ Debbie’s powerful questioning process to transform negative feelings, insecurity and self-sabotaging patterns such as binge eating.

+ How your self-worth impacts your relationships and what you can do to heal issues within yourself so you don’t project them onto your partner.

+ How to practise the technique of ‘self-soothing’ so that you can fill yourself up, have your needs met and feel whole within yourself.

+ Why your self-worth is related to your net-worth and how this impacts the success of your career, business and finances.


 Listen To Episode #25 with Debbie Spellman:

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4 thoughts on “Building Self-Worth & Confidence with Debbie Spellman (AR #25)”

  1. I have only recently become aware of Debbie after reading about her in the Inspired Coach magazine and after that article I wanted to get to know her more. Connie you must have read my mind! LOVED this talk (love them all) but really grateful for this one at this point in time. Divine. Thank you xx

    1. Perfect Nic! I love Debbi’s work too so I was so thrilled to get to share her message with my audience. Beautiful to hear it came at the exact right time for you xx

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