Embodying Feminine Energy & Awakening Sexuality with Rosie Rees (AR #27)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #27 Embodying Feminine Energy and Awakening Sexuality with Rosie Rees

I love supporting women to develop a greater sense of connection with their feminine energy. For years, I was completely disconnected from mine and I lived in a very mentally dominated, driven and controlling way. Over the past 6 months I have been dropping out of this and in to a greater sense of flow, softness, surrender, creativity, receptivity and sensuality. And it has been a pretty amazing experience!

So I am incredibly excited to bring you a conversation on this exact topic in this week’s Awaken Radio episode with Relationship Coach and Kundalini Teacher Rosie Rees. For any of you yearning to experience more femininity and flow, a more loving connection with your body, greater sexual freedom, more authentic connection and deeper relationships this is the episode for you.


In Today’s Powerful Episode We Cover:

+ How to know if as a woman you in your masculine energy, and then how to begin embodying more of your feminine so you can soften, open up and receive more.

+ Why perfectionism and trying to ‘keep it all together’ will kill your self expression and creativity.

+ Where to begin healing your relationship with your body and reconnecting with it so you can listen, feel and receive it’s wisdom.

+ What we can do as women to build passionate relationships, have deeper sexual connection and support men to rise into their masculine.

+ How to embrace and love bring single and use this time to fill yourself up, rather than feeling like a victim and resenting it.

+ Rosie’s powerful practice that will support you to heal from a break up, and release your attachment to a past relationship.



Listen to Episode #27 with Rosie Rees:


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Love what you heard from Megan? Find out more at www.rosierees.com or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

What is your biggest takeaway from this conversation with Rosie? How would you love to embody more of your feminine and awaken your sexuality? Share with us in the comments below.

Connie x

3 thoughts on “Embodying Feminine Energy & Awakening Sexuality with Rosie Rees (AR #27)”

  1. Oh I love this one Connie, I keep seeing this stuff about the divine feminine and sexual awakening coming into my life lately. I also love the idea of being powerful but very feminine and allowing the man to be strong and masculine… Female empowerment is great but it can get to the point of becoming too controlling and close off the softness of allowing and receiving like you said. Lovely <3

    1. Kirstin, that was one of my biggest takeaways from this conversation too. Remembering how to be an empowered woman while at the same time being soft and receptive. So glad it this was so supportive for you xx

  2. I am Christian, however I want to embrace my sexuality. I have this side of me who wants to do certain things and act a certain way with myself and even a boyfriend (I don’t have one now). But, I am wondering due to my religion being about Christ and love, I wonder if I can apply this sexual life as a rejoice kind of ritual or reaction towards love?
    Thank you!!

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