How To Find Clarity When You Feel Confused, Stuck & Overwhelmed (AR #95)

When we encounter periods of feeling stuck, confused or unsure of what we want, it is easy to feel that something has gone wrong. Most of us tend to like having life and the path ahead all figured out because it makes us feel safe, secure and in control and we tend to feel uncomfortable during times of uncertainty and confusion.

But what if periods of confusion were not as negative as we think? What if they were a beautiful indication that something within us was shifting and that we were in a process of re-assessment, growth and change?

When we can shift our perspective around these feelings of being stuck or confused, we can completely change how we experience them. They no longer become an inconvenience, but rather just a process of life that we need to learn how to trust, surrender into and flow with.

We need to stop resisting this period of not knowing, let go of the need to find the answer right away, and create space for our answers, guidance and clarity to rise up in the divine, right time.

When we encounter confusion, it is an opportunity to get out of our minds and drop deeper into our heart and body to feel and listen for our inner guidance. Confusion is an invitation to come deeper into ourselves so we can listen and feel for a form of guidance beyond our mind.

Ever since the year began, I have personally been navigating some feelings of confusion, stuckness and overwhelm and I have been moving through a big process of finding clarity. So, I wanted to jump on the podcast today and share with you what has been supporting me.

I share a whole range of tips, mindset shifts and pieces of guidance that will help you navigate periods of confusion with grace and ease, and I offer a lot of tools and practices you can use to help you find clarity.

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode!


Listen To Episode #095:

In this episode I cover:

+ Why clarity is not something you find, but rather something that finds you.
+ The confusion I was navigating around my business and work this year, and how I was able to find clarity around my plans and direction.
+ Why finding clarity is a process and a journey and not something that always arrives in an instant.
+ How to recognise if you are in your head trying to rush or force clarity.
+ The importance of pausing, letting go and listening to your body.
+ Why feelings of confusion are a powerful indicator that you are shifting, changing, evolving and re-assessing.
+ My tips for navigating periods of confusion with ease.

+ The importance of living one moment at a time and surrendering your need to have it all figured out.
+ How taking action can get you unstuck, and how to know the ‘right’ step to take.
+ Why you need to remove the words ‘I don’t know’ from your vocabulary.
+ My tips for beginning to find clarity when you feel overwhelmed.
+ How to work through the emotion or fears you may hold around big decisions or steps you want to take.
+ The importance of creating space to drop into your heart and listen for your inner guidance.
+ How connecting with your big, picture vision can help give you clarity in an instant.
+ The importance of aligning your choices now, with how you want to feel.
+ How to trust that your clarity will come (even if you think it never will).
+ Why clarity always arrives in the divine right time.


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With love,
Connie x

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