Embrace And Embody Your Feminine Essence (AR #96)

I am doing something a little different on the podcast today and I am sharing the audio from a recent Instagram live that I recorded, where I spoke about my journey of healing my relationship to my feminine energy and the practices that have supported me through this over the past 6 years.

As you will hear in the audio, I spent a long time operating from my masculine energy without even realising and I also really thrived on this energy in a lot of ways and I never thought to question this or address it in any way as I had no real awareness of the feminine and masculine energies with us at all.

I used to thrive on being a driven, ambitious, controlling, action-focused woman and it took some pretty big wake-up calls, including running myself into the ground through my work addiction and numerous failed relationships, before I realised just how disconnected I was from my feminine.

I struggled with feeling my emotions, connecting with my body, being vulnerable, expressing my wants and needs, receiving, surrendering and releasing control. I pushed away and rejected my feminine and saw her as being needy, weak, over-emotional and unproductive.

In this recent IG live, I share about the pivotal moment that this all changed, and the divinely orchestrated events that guided me onto the path of healing to finally awaken the feminine essence within me.

I also share some starting points to help you come you deeper into your feminine, get out of your head and into your body and more fully feel and embrace your emotions.

This work is so important for us as women For me personally, it has not only made me feel more full, whole, radiant and confident in myself, but has allowed me to become magnetic to money, create a nourishing and abundant business and manifest a healthy, supportive and loving relationship.


Listen To Episode #096:

In this episode I cover:

+ The tendency many women of us have to judge, reject and neglect our feminine self.
+ The importance of deeply honouring your emotions, wants, needs, desires and feelings.
+ How the energy you embody impacts what you attract and manifest in your relationships.

+ The profound turning point I experienced 6 years ago which was the catalyst for me healing my feminine energy.
+ The power of sacred dance.
+  My personal examples of what it looks like to be disconnected from your feminine.
+ The importance of creating harmony between your inner feminine and masculine energies.
+ How to create a morning routine that deeply supports and nourishes your feminine.
+ A simple practice to help you be with your emotions, rather than eating over them or working over them.
+ Why we must find the courage to fully feel and embrace our bodies experience.
+ How to honour your feminine, while still showing up for the demands of your day.
+ Why I believe working on my feminine energy was the secret to calling in a healthy, loving and supportive relationship after being single for 6 years.
+ An opportunity to work with me and be mentored on feminine living and your relationship with yourself.


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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x


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