Navigating Uncertainty With Surrender & Trust (AR #97)

As we have moved through March and everything COVID-19 has brought us, there has been a lot to process within our inner worlds. Along with this, we have had to navigate big changes in our day to day lives including our routines, work, relationships, finances and lifestyle.

I have experienced a whole range of emotions over the past month. I have been moving through waves of fear and anxiety, at times panic, at times sadness, at times crippling terror of all the unknown, at times anger and frustration that this is happening.

We have all been thrown into massive uncertainty, and have been asked to practise surrender in big ways. We are all touched and impacted in varying degrees. For some it may be small re-adjustments to our plans, for others it is radically life-altering events like losing your job, closing your business or even the illness or death of someone you know.

What is interesting about this experience is that as a world we are incredibly united right now. We are united in our experience, and one common thread here for all of us is the unknown.  We are all in completely unchartered territory together. We have never navigated anything like this before.

So, I wanted to dedicate today’s episode to talk about navigating the unknown and uncertainty and also the power of the practice of surrender.

In this episode, I want to help ease some of the fear you may be experiencing by offering some powerful perspective shifts. This experience holds so many powerful lessons, learnings and blessings for us. We have an incredible opportunity to slow down, tune into ourselves, listen for our inner wisdom, practise surrender and deepen our trust in the Universe.

This episode is full of tips and guidance today on how to move through times of uncertainty and work through everything that is arising for you. I also talk a lot about how to reclaim your power and practise acceptance and surrender so you can feel more inner peace.

I also have some beautiful channelled guidance to share with you which I hope will bring you a lot of comfort and support.


Listen To Episode #097:

In this episode I cover:

+ Why many of us are feeling an activation of our spiritual gifts at the moment.
+ The importance of witnessing your relationship to uncertainty.
+ How to shift your relationship to the unknown so you can feel excitement rather than fear.
+ Why we need to get back in charge of our thinking, feelings and focus.
+ The power of practising appreciation and gratitude.
+ Why control is an illusion because life is inherently unknown and uncertain.
+ Why life sometimes messes up our plans to help us open up to the divine plan.
+ How wonder and curiosity will help you navigate the unknown.
+ Why we are in a process of clearing out clutter, distractions and what is not in alignment.
+ The opportunity we have right now to return to our true, authentic selves.
+ What it truly means to live in surrender.
+ How practising acceptance softens our energy and releases resistance.
+ How to start preparing for the forward movement that we will feel once the pandemic ends.
+ Why this Universal pause is a time to energetically align with what you want.
+ The importance of deeply honouring your human emotions right now.
+ The beautiful lessons and learning's this experience of COVID-19 is giving us.
+ Some practical steps and tools to help you navigate uncertainty and practise surrender.


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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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