Moving Through Change with Surrender, Patience & Trust (Video)

This clip is an excerpt from a Facebook Livestream I hosted for my 90 Day Transformation Project community last night.

I decided to share part of the conversation with you all as it was incredibly powerful, and I feel it may be supportive for many of you moving through inner shifts and outer changes.

I heard from my community last night that many people are finding it hard to stay connected to the path of their heart, as they are facing so many challenges.

There is resistance, fear, discomfort and self-sabotage. We are surrounded by big changes, endings, beginnings, and lots of uncertainty.

Part of us knows we need to trust, surrender and be patient, but far out it is hard!

We really are being challenged to dive into discomfort, rise through our resistance and show up whole-heartedly for what we desire, while also deeply loving and supporting ourselves and embodying our feminine energy of softness and flow.

The thing that I love about our community is that you don’t have to go through this alone.

The journey of growth, transformation and expansion is tough to navigate without support. In our group we all share our challenges and successes honestly and vulnerably and we rise and grow together. It is pure magic.


Video: Moving Through Change With Surrender, Patience & Trust.


In this snippet of our Livestream I cover;

+ The current energetic climate we are moving through where old parts of ourselves are being released and are falling away.
+ The dance between masculine and feminine energy and balancing taking action and showing up, with receiving, surrender and play.
+ We often try to grasp onto things when we are in the unknown, instead we need to step back and let go.
+ How to trust you are on the right path even when it is really hard.
+ How to handle our resistance and discomfort that is arising.
+ Why we need to dive head-first into our discomfort.
+ How we block the flow by holding back, getting stuck in our heads and hesitating out of fear.
+ Why it takes discernment to know if something is actually not your truth, or if you are simply avoiding it because it scares you.


The next round of The 90 Day Transformation Project begins on October 1st.

For any of you feeling a little stuck, lost, confused, alone or held back by fear and resistance, I want to invite you to join us in The 90 Day Transformation Project.

There is so much support available through weekly workbooks, videos, group coaching calls plus our thriving community of 220+ like-minded souls.

You will be amazed by how much you can shift internally in 90 days when you show up fully, commit to your heart and receive loving support to release your fears.

Join the project and our community here. 

With love,

Connie x


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