The Power of Journaling for Clearing Fear & Creating Self-Love with Katie Dalebout (AR #56)

Today’s Awaken Radio episode is with one of my favourite ladies Katie Dalebout. Katie and I connected years ago through our work, and I was lucky enough to be featured on her amazing podcast. It was through this conversation that I began to get to know this gorgeous and inspiring woman that you will hear a lot more from today.

Katie has just released a new book called Let It Out; A Journey Through Journaling in which she shares how this beautiful practise can become a self-coaching tool that we can each use to help us find clarity, direction and inner peace.

For anyone who is on a path of wanting to know themselves more deeply and shift out of fear and into love, the practise of journaling is one of the most supportive practices you can take on.

In this interview, both Katie and I share the struggles we had with eating disorders, control, and a lack of body love. We talk about shifting our perceptions, self-love, the power of getting honest about what you are feeling, and the incredible power of journaling.

Katie is an absolute ray of light, and I have no doubt you will love listening to today’s episode as much as I loved talking with her.


In this episode we cover;

  • Katie’s journey of healing an eating disorder and the role journaling played in her road to recovery.
  • The key indicators that your relationship with food, health and your body is being driven by fear, and how to shift into a more intuitive and loving place.
  • How to shift the way you are perceiving your body.
  • Tools you can use to support yourself through the process of releasing your patterns of control over food and your body.
  • The power of asking yourself the right questions.
  • How to begin creating a journaling practise and use it to feel your feelings, soothe yourself and work through negative thoughts and feelings.
  • What it means to ‘let it out’ and the healing power of getting honest and real, even if it’s not pretty.
  • The intuitive process Katie went through to write her book and win a publishing deal.
  • The power of being detached from the outcome of your manifestation.


Listen to Episode #56


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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with us in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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