Honour The Empty Space Between The Old & The New

For the past few months I’ve had this strange sensation of feeling like I am suspended between two worlds. And while a big part of me has wanted to label and judge this experience has being bad or wrong, a deeper part of me understands exactly what is going on.

The transformation process requires old parts of us to fall away, be deconstructed and dissolve so that we can create the space for something new to arise. The new cannot arise when the space is clogged with the old.
So for me personally it has felt like many aspects of myself, my life, my desires and my creations have fallen away to make space for something new.

But here is the challenging part – the new is yet to arrive.

So I have been left with a lot of space, and on some level a feeling of emptiness and nothingness. I feel somewhat directionless, like I am treading water as I wait for my new direction to appear.

It is an odd and unsettling feeling when you can sense that something new is on it’s way, but you cannot yet see it with your eyes.

And these days most of us rely more heavily on what we can see, more so than what we can feel or sense.

But this is intutive living – trusting in the unseen. Trusting deeply in the inner feeling and deeper knowing that sits within you, even if you have no evidence in the outside world to prove or validate this inner feeling.

And so every day i’ve been going inwards with meditation and journaling and the plan is slowly revealing itself. But it is still yet to fully click.

This is a time of patience, self-love and reflection. It is not a time to forge forward, and for most of us that is hard.

It is not a time of action or external creation. Rather we harness this energy best by firstly continuing to let go of what is old, misaligned or not working. And secondly by doing the inner work to drop into our heart, connect with our desires and receive inner clarity on our new path.

It requires surrender and deep faith. And it is ok if you feel scared, that feeling will most likely be there.

Because we find the unknown and the uncertainty challenging. We want to know what is going to happen. But is that desire to know coming from that deeper place of love and trust, or is it coming from the fear-based ego who wants to stay in control?

But for now your main work will happen on the inner plane.

For me, I know energetically I am doing lots of inner work to come into alignment with it – to embody its energy and be able to fully step into it. But in the meantime I’ve felt a little lost.

The old world is still here and I don’t feel to put my energy into it anymore, and I am energetically tending to my new world, although the physicality of that cannot yet be seen.

I am realising that the best way to move through this phase is to honour it, and to stop resisting it or labelling it as wrong.

Let the space be there.

Hold the space, and honour the space.

And drop the self-judgment.

Just because you don’t know the plan, and can’t tell everyone with pure clarity what your goals are, or what you are doing, does not mean to are flakey or a failure.

You may need to make peace with the fact that not everyone will understand.

You may need to let go of your need to find certainty in the external.

You may need to drop deeper into surrender than ever before.

I want to encourage you to allow the space to be here. Embrace the unknown. Embrace the present even if it feels messy or confusing. Love where you are even if it’s not where you want to be.

So stop trying to rush ahead to the new, and instead honour where you are. And trust deeply that things are changing and shifting below the surface, and it is only a matter of time before the physical evidence of that appears.

And on a final note work on your base chakra – that was my guidance today.

You can find comfort, grounding and stability in these ever-changing times through your connection with your body and the earth.

I work on my base chakra simply by spending time each morning and evening holding my attention on the area of my base chakra. As I hold my attention on it, I can start to feel the energy in that area, and I also feel myself drawing more energy into it. The base chakra colour is red, so you can also visualise that colour to help you connect with it.

Imagine yourself anchoring into and connecting with the Earth below. Deep roots of energy draw downwards from your base chakra into the centre of the earth to ground you.

Practise this daily, as I have found that with all this uncertainty, I can easily lose my centre and get lost in my head. So staying grounded and anchored in our bodies, and in the present will greatly help you in this time.

Sending you all lots of love,

Connie x

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