The Vulnerability of Being Visible

Each morning I sit on my sheepskin run, with my cup of tea and drop into my meditation. I bring my focus out of my head and into my body, and I tune inwards for guidance.

It can take me a little while to slow down my mind enough to tune in, and sometimes music or a guided meditation helps. But once I reach that clear space within me, beautiful guidance begins to flow onto the pages of my journal, and through the oracle cards that I select.

Over the past few weeks there has been one recurring theme bubbling up in my morning sessions – the vulnerability and fear of being visible.

I know that things are shifting within many of us. I am hearing it in my coaching conversations and I know that as a collective, we are feeling an inner stirring of something inside that is ready to come out.

We can now see that there are aspects of our authentic selves laying dormant and yearning for expression.

We can see the parts of ourselves that we have been dimming and hiding away. And these denied, suppressed parts of ourselves – the parts we have abandoned – are rising up within us now. 

We feel an inner desire to express ourselves – our true selves – into the world.

Our true selves are awakening. We have been doing much shedding of the layers of our old selves, and now something within us is ready to emerge.

And while this is beautiful and exciting, for many of us it is also terrifying. It is scary to be truly seen and heard for who we really are.

There is a raw vulnerability that arises when we share our inner most heart’s desires, feelings and ideas with the world.

There is a fear of how they will be received by others, and a lingering doubt of whether what we want to share is good enough. And because of this, many of us have been hiding our gifts.

Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to be seen begins with self-love. We must release the need to be loved by others, and must work to fully love ourselves first.

We must love ourselves unconditionally even if we get it wrong or make a mistake. We must love ourselves enough to stay committed to our own hearts, even when others question or doubt us.

We must love ourselves so deeply that we feel completely safe, supported and strong enough to be our brightest selves.

What parts of your true, authentic self have you been hiding away?

Did you learn at some point in your life that being that way was not ok? Many of us have developed learnt patters of who we need to be in the world, how we need to show up, and what we need to do in order to receive love, be accepted and fit in. We modified ourselves to fit what our parents, friends or society wanted of us.

But now is our time to heal and release those learnt patterns, and peel back the layers of inauthenticity to once again discover, and embody, who you really are.

Sending love to any of you moving through this.

Connie x

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  1. Thank you so much Connie for this article. I follow you since the beginning but never dare to write a comment before. But this resonnate so deeply within me, and I read it such at the perfect time that I can not write you something. Thank you for your beautiful work and your anthenticity.

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