Dropping the Judgment of Ourselves & Others (AR#45)

The other day I found myself sitting in a meditation, and reflecting deeply on the idea of judgment. Particularly the judgment we place on ourselves and consequently how much it holds us back from being fully self-expressed and following our dreams. 

Because let’s get honest – how often do you hold back out of fear of what others will think? Out of fear of being judged? Out of fear of not being liked or loved? Or out of fear of being rejected?

Personally I’ve had to move through a lot around this over the last few days, as I found myself stepping onto a new path in my life and business, and feeling really afraid about the judgments and opinions of others. I didn’t want to ‘make waves’, to be different or do something others may not like. But this was causing me to shrink, play small and contract out of fear.

And I feel so many of us are stuck in this place. There is a part of us yearning to be bigger and brighter and walk our own unique path. But we are also terrified of how we will be perceived by others.

It was then I realised that if we want to be free and fully self-expressed and following the wild beat of our passionate hearts, we have to stop giving a s**t what others think.

So I rolled out of meditation and straight onto the podcast and recorded today’s Awaken Radio episode.

There is a huge part of me ready to break free, and I know I’m not alone. So many of us are tired of toning ourselves down to fit in. We want to be bright, bold and big. We want to rise up and let our authentic selves be seen and heard.

And to do this we have to start softening and releasing all the judgments we are placing on ourselves that are keeping us playing small, toning ourselves down and being what others want us to be.


In this podcast I discuss;

+ Why judgment is the biggest thing keep us small in our lives and stopping us following our heart.

+ How the need to be loved and accepted leads us to being censored, mediocre and toned down versions of ourselves.

+ Why freedom will only come from accepting that you will not be liked by everyone, and making that ok.

+ Why the areas where other people are judging you, is often an area where you have a judgment on yourself.

+ Why our work is to get honest about the parts of ourselves that we are judging as bad, wrong, or unloveable and instead learn how to unconditionally love and embrace them.


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I would love to hear your thoughts on this episode. Can you relate to my experiences? Are you currently holding back on being fully self-expressed and following your heart, out of fear of what others will think?

With love,

Connie x

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3 thoughts on “Dropping the Judgment of Ourselves & Others (AR#45)”

  1. Dear Connie, I just listened to this episode (twice!) during my run this morning and it just completely resonated with me! Thank you so much for being such an open soul! It was just eye opening to understand that the times
    I am scared of judgment by others are the moments and things I tend to judge myself!
    It makes complete sense. Ah, really this episode was IT! Exactly what I needed! Thank you <3

    xx Ronja

  2. Amazing! I love this episode and the blunt, heart felt truth! You are a bad ass! Here’s to sparking that inner fire for all us bad ass warrior chicks (and dudes.)
    Thank you for sharing so candidly. Very inspiring ❤????

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