2019: Energy Themes & Guidance For Creating A Magical Year (AR #87)

It has been several months since I brought you an Awaken Radio episode, and I must admit I am pretty excited to be back.  I hadn’t at all planned to take such an extended break, but I found myself at the end of 2018 feeling incredibly depleted after a massive year.

As I came into December, I tuned into myself and what I really needed and I realised I need to give myself a break from work. I ended up spending most of December resting, traveling, connecting with friends and family, hanging out in nature, playing, recharging and simply focusing on what felt good.

The transition between 2018 and 2019 was a big one energetically, and I can see why I needed to take so much time for myself in December. I felt some intense energy shifts and upgrades happening as we came into the New Year, and it was clear to me very early on that this year was going to be completely different to the past few.

So it has taken me a little while to find my feet in this new year, and get back into the swing of work. I am committed to maintaining greater balance in my life this year and ensuring I am prioritizing play, adventure, connection and fun alongside my work.

This has meant that things have moved a little slow so far this year, but that has not bothered me at all. This year I want to move forward with the energy of ease, and from a place of wholeness. I am done with being stressed, scattered and overworked.

So while it has taken me a while to get my first podcast episode out for this year, I am trusting that the timing of it is perfect for those of you who need to hear what I have to share here.

This episode is a big one. In today’s conversation, I share a little about what I have been moving through over the past few months, and the energy shifts that we as a collective have been going through. I talk about the key energy themes for this year, the core principles we will need to be focusing on and working through, and I offer guidance about how to create a magical 2019.

For those of you who have enjoyed my previous episodes where I have shared small snippets of channeled wisdom from one of my key spirit guides, you will be happy to know that there is not one, but two big downloads in this episode for you.

I am excited to be back on the podcast, and I hope you enjoy this first episode for 2019. I have so much to share with you this year, and I can’t wait to bring it all to you in due time.


In this episode I cover:

+ The shift in energy that we experienced as we moved out of 2018 and into 2019, and why it was a challenging adjustment for many of us.
+ Why 2019 will be a powerful year of manifestation.
+ Why January was a month of transition, and left many of us feeling tired, lacking clarity and needing a lot of self-care.
+ Why February is a month of grounding, and the importance of being in your body this month
+ The key energy themes and principles we will be working with this year.
+ Why surrender and being in our feminine, will be the key to manifestation.
+ My personal themes for 2019 and my key guiding words.
+ What it means to be magnetic, and how to call in your desires with ease.
+ Why we need to watch out for patterns of sabotage, avoidance, and distraction this year.
+ The power and importance of creating change through energy work, not just action.
+ How to create tangible change and call in what you truly desire (especially if you have been feeling stuck, or like you are not making progress).
+ Details of a new online group coaching circle I have created and how you can be a part of it.


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Resources I Mention

My recent Instagram post

Lee Harris

Sara Brooke

My new Group Coaching Circle


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Over 3 powerful months, we will explore topics such as: self-love, receiving, balancing feminine and masculine energies, embodiment, self-connection, energy work, and how to manifest by being magnetic.

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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x


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  1. Wow Connie. Thank you for such an amazing podcast – your best yet and exactly what I needed at this time. The sensations and emotions I am feeling right now are quite indescribable. Thank you x

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