How To Powerfully Prepare For The New Year

I always become incredibly nostalgic at the end of the year. I love taking the time to pause, reflect and think deeply about all that I experienced and created over the past 12 months. I also love harnessing the beautiful, fresh energy of a new year and using it as a way to re-focus myself and re-set my life.

Yes, it is true, we have the ability to do this on any day. But there is something that feels special and sacred about the end of a year, so I say let’s make the most of it!

Today I am sharing the process that I have been working through to prepare myself for the new year, as I know it may be supportive for many of you wanting to do the same.


1. Reflect, Release & Celebrate

For this first part of the practise, I recommend you use your journal and set aside some special time where you can light some candles and give yourself space to look back over your year.

It can be so easy to rush through to the end of the year without pausing to deeply acknowledge yourself for all you have done. You may easily notice everything you didn’t do, but can you also take the time to see everything you did? It is also the perfect opportunity to let go of anything you don’t want to carry forward into the new year.


+ What stands out as your highlights and happiest moments from the year?
+ What challenged you the most and what were your key learnings from these experiences?
+ In what ways have you grown or changed as a person over the past 12 months?
+ What are you most grateful for from this year?


+ What do you want to let go of the most? Is it an old habit, a pattern of behaviour, a job or perhaps a person?
+ Are there any painful memories, resentments or hurts that need to be released?
+ What belief systems, self-perceptions or ways of thinking do you want to shed?


+ What were your key successes and achievements from the year?
+ What are you most proud of yourself for?
+ How do you want to celebrate and acknowledge yourself for all you have done?


2. Clean The Slate

Before you create new beginnings it is supportive to first make space by clearing out the old. For me, this is all about releasing anything that is no longer serving or supporting me and then laying new foundations that I can build on in the new year.

Tie Up Lose Ends:

Some examples of how I have been doing this are:
+ Clearing out old filing systems and folders and setting up new spreadsheets and templates for the year ahead.
+ Changing all of my bank accounts to a new  bank and setting up new financial management systems.
+ Cleaning out the house including my wardrobe, the fridge and bathroom cabinets.
+ Archiving old business projects, ideas, files and unfinished creations to make room for the new.

Lay Strong Foundations:

In 2015 my most important foundations will be:
+ Extreme self-care through daily movement, stillness and physical nourishment.
+ Loving myself deeply and wholly and and thinking in positive, empowering ways.
+ Re-establishing a morning routine while allowing it to be fluid and flexible.
+ Daily outlets for creativity including writing, dancing, painting and anything else I feel!

Use Rituals:

+ Use a sage stick to clear the energy or buy a new crystal to energetically support you in a certain area.
+ Complete an oracle card reading to provide some guidance for the year.
+ Practise a releasing ritual by taking your list of everything you want to let go of and either burning it, ripping it up or burying it.


3. Build The New

You have the ability to create your world however you wish it to be, and so why not make it a deliberate and conscious practise. There is a beautiful opportunity at the beginning of a new year to use your energy, focus and words to pave out a magical year, so let’s do it.

Set Your Intentions:

+ Set ‘inner intentions’ which focus on you want to feel and the qualities you want to embody. For example, you may want your year to feel light, effortless and abundant. And you may wish to embody more of the qualities of inner peace, trust and confidence.
+ Set ‘outer intentions’ of what you would love to do, experience or create. Ensure these intentions are authentic and heart-driven. Be aware of trying to strive for something external in the hope it will make you happy. Focus more on the love you feel for the experience itself, rather than just reaching for an outcome.
+ Ask yourself;  “
What do I want to bring into my life in 2015?” “What new ways of being do I want to practise?” “How do I want to do things differently?”  and “What makes my heart leap with excitement when I think of manifesting it?”


+ Close your eyes and use your imagination to begin to feel, see and experience your desires. You may imagine various scenario’s playing out through your year, or explore in your mind the feeling of one particular experience you want to have.
+ Draw your desires into the here and now and imagine how it will feel to have them.
+ Then zoom ahead to the end of 2015 and imagine yourself sitting at the end of the year, feeling the fulfilment of having all of your desires achieved.

Use Your Focus Wisely:

+ One of the biggest things that can block you moving forward is when your attention keeps drifting to what you don’t want or like in your world. The more you think about it, the more you create it!

+ Keep your attention focused on what you do want to create. Be aware of re-hashing what you don’t want. Every time you notice something you don’t want, ask yourself “Well, what do I want instead?” and then give all of your attention to that.


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What are some of your delicious intentions for 2015? I would love to hear them! Share with me in the comments below.

With love,

Connie x

9 thoughts on “How To Powerfully Prepare For The New Year”

  1. Ahhhhh this is SO where I am at right now. Reading all of this I was like, “YESSSSSS EXACTLY…” Connie your work just resonates so much with me! Thanks for writing this 🙂

    1. Also, to answer your question: One of the reasons I was like YESSS is because the intentions — or foundations — you have for the upcoming year are like PRETTY SPOT ON MINE! LIKE EXACTLY. So that’s tripping me out in a GOOD vibes way! 🙂

      Here’s what you said:
      “+ Extreme self-care through daily movement, stillness and physical nourishment.
      + Loving myself deeply and wholly and and thinking in positive, empowering ways.
      + Re-establishing a morning routine while allowing it to be fluid and flexible.
      + Daily outlets for creativity including writing, dancing, painting and anything else I feel!”


      1. YES! Awesome Erika. Sounds like we are on the exact same page. Foundational work has been huge for me over the past 6 months and I know it will really carry forth into 2015! I look forward to seeing what unfolds for you this year beautiful xx

  2. Thank you so much for this Connie, I have just spent the past 2 hours writing in my journal and I cannot believe how much I have leant about myself this year. Such a simple exercise that I would not have done without your words of wisdom. I have a pile of post-it notes ready to burn in my releasing ritual before midnight tonight, i’m so excited to start the year with a focus and fresh outlook. Happy New Year, Heidi

    1. Yes, yes, yes Heidi burn up that old stuff. I love it! Incredible work for diving into these questions so deeply. What a beautiful practise to do for yourself. I am so glad that what I shared served as such a supportive platform for your gorgeous ritual xx

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