2018: Feeling Words, Planning Tools & Guiding Principles For A Magical Year (AR #76)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio #76 - 2018 Feeling Words, Planning Tools & Guiding Principles For A Magical Year

As we step into a bright, shiny new year full of possibility and new beginnings, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all we want to achieve and by all of the conflicting information telling us how to create our best year yet.

I have often felt pressure, and even anxiety at the beginning of year. I have felt the need to jump into action and start making everything happen. I have felt myself click into fear, and into hustle mode and in turn have often burnt myself out by February.

So this year I am doing things a little differently. I am choosing to ease into the year gently and slowly. I want to be guided by my core feelings and ensure I am anchored in these as I make all of my choices and decisions. And I am setting up supportive systems to keep me on track on the year that give me a loose structure, but also allow for plenty of room for flow, freedom and intuitive inspiration.

So I felt to jump on Awaken Radio today and share with you the personal practices I am setting up. This episode has been designed to follow on fro my previous Awaken Radio Episode (#75) which was a wrap up of my top 10 learnings, practices and inner work principles from 2017, so if you haven’t listened to that yet, you can check it out here.

In today’s episode, I will be sharing with you the planning and goal setting tools, personal practices and conscious creation principles that I will be applying through 2018 to help me create a fulfilling, successful and hopefully very magical year.

This year, I intend to build on what already worked in 2017 (why change a good thing, right!?) while also letting go of what is no longer working, and creating new ways of doing things that will allow me to feel more nourished, supported, creative, fulfilled and happy.

None of what I share in this episode is a hard and fast rule, as I don’t actually believe there is one right way to prepare for a new year. My approaches come from years of trial and error, where I have experimented with a lot of different tools and practices, until I have found something that works well for me.

So take on board what resonates and feels inspiring and supportive to you, and feel free to let go of what does not. You are also welcome to tweak and adapt anything I share here so that it aligns more deeply with what you need.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share, and that it gives you lots of tools and starting steps for creating a magical 2018.


In this episode I share;

  • The power of choosing key feeling words for the year, and how to use them to guide your choices.
  • My personal feeling words for 2018 and the changes I will be making to integrate them into my life.
  • Why you need to release what is blocking you from feeling how you want to feel.
  • My personal tools and practices for goal setting and intention planning in 2018.
  • Why I create both yearly plans and monthly plans, as well monthly reviews and daily tracking systems.
  • The 5 principles that are guiding how I live in 2018.
  • My 2 favourite conscious creation practices to help you manifest what you desire.
  • How to uncover the blocks that may be sabotaging you and stopping your desires manifesting.
  • The importance of focusing on who you want to be and the qualities you want to embody, rather than striving for an outcome or destination.
  • Why you need to balance goal setting practices with slowing down, presence, gratitude and appreciating where you are.
  • What to expect from me and my work in 2018 and the changes that are coming!


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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? What will you take on board to support you in creating a magical 2018? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x


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