Manifest Your Desires Using Intention, Energy & Intuition with Jordanna Levin (AR #77)

Would you love to know the secret to manifesting more of what you want in your life? Are you craving a step by step process you can follow to consciously co-create with the Universe?

If so, you are in for a treat! In today’s episode of Awaken Radio I speak with lunar lover, kitchen alchemist, podcaster and writer, Jordanna Levin about how to manifest your desires using intention, energy and intuition.

In this conversation Jordanna helps de-mystify manifestation and break it all down so that you can understand the various components of this powerful process and apply it to your own life and circumstances.

Manifestation is not just about making things happen. Rather it is a co-creative dance with the Universe that requires you to harness the power of vibration, intention, alignment, allowing and following your intuition. You need to be able to drop control, work with the divine plan and practise detachment, trust and surrender.

So today you will learn about all of these various principles further, and really grasp how they work together to turn your ideas, dreams and desires into manifestated realities.

I have personally watched Jordanna manifest some incredible opportunities, in her life through the guidelines she shares in today’s conversation. So I am excited to bring you this episode where she is sharing all of her tools and practices that you can use to create a deeply fulfilling 2018, and bring all of your heart-driven dreams to life.


In this episode we discuss & explore;

• Jordanna’s personal journey of how she discovered the power of energy and vibration and how to consciously manifest.
• Why we sometimes avoid or resist stepping into our creative power and claiming our intuitive gifts.
• What manifestation actually means and why it is different to just making something happen.
• How to co-create with the Universe.
• Why manifestation requires a balance between surrender and action.
• The Law of Vibration and why your energetic frequency creates your life.
• Practical ways to raise your vibration and know what energy you are radiating.
• Jordanna’s 4 step by step Manifestation Equation.
• Why intentions must have feeling behind them in order to manifest.
• The importance of taking intuitively guided action that is inspired from within.
• How to clear the subconscious blocks that may be blocking your manifestations.
• How to trust in the divine timing and bigger plan of your manifestation.
• How to harness the energy of the moon and work with the lunar cycles in your manifestation process.
• The importance of receiving, allowing and dropping control.
• How to balance being specific about what you desire, while being detached about what it looks like.
• The manifestation tools Jordanna is personally using and applying in 2018.


Listen to Episode #77:


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“Manifestation is about taking ownership and responsibility for the co-creation of your own future.” Click to Tweet

“Deep within all of us is an internal compass and an inner knowing.” Click to Tweet

“Manifestation is a sweet balance between action and surrender.”  Click to Tweet

“Receiving is about trusting; trusting that you have taken the action and now it is time to receive.” Click to Tweet


Resources We Mention:

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The Inspired Table Podcast


Connect with Jordanna:





What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? We would love to hear it. Share with us in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

1 thought on “Manifest Your Desires Using Intention, Energy & Intuition with Jordanna Levin (AR #77)”

  1. Hi Connie, first of all I want to thank you for sharing your light with the world through your podcasts and coaching! I found your podcast early last year and can honestly say its helped me so much. I loved your talk with Jordanna as I’m really interested in manifestation but have been struggling to manifest financial abundance for a while now. I’m working on changing my money story however I’m struggling to change the words I use such as ‘I can’t afford that’ and ‘sorry I can’t, I’m broke at the moment’. As you’re a manifesting goddess, I was wondering if you could suggest some alternatives I can use so I don’t keep manifesting more of the same. thanks so much! xo

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