How To Manifest Your Desires By Following Your Intuition (AR #71)

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I recently went through a big change around my home which all unfolded very quickly and unexpectedly.

It was been a change I had been desiring for a long time. I had felt a strong yearning in my heart for a new home – a space where I felt free, at ease, grounded, supported and where my heart felt happy.

I had been working for months to create this desire. I had been journaling, visualising, meditating, clearing my blocks and doing the inner work, but no external shift had been unfolding.

I had been losing hope, and honestly even losing faith in my manifestation ability. I was also losing trust in my intuition, as week after week it kept telling me to stay where I was, rather than move forward and create change.

And then one day, out of thin air, my manifestation appeared.

The whole way this change unfolded blew my mind. It came out of nowhere and happened incredibly quickly. This manifestation matched everything I had been asking for and it literally dropped in my lap. In the exact moment it was meant to manifest it did, and it came into my reality with so much ease.

And this is what happens when you manifest by following your intuition.

Manifesting with your intuition is not about planning, thinking, strategising and controlling. It is not about trying force your own ideas upon the universe and get your own way.

Rather it is about flow, ease and trust. It is about aligning yourself with the energy of your desire, trusting that it is done and then tuning into your intuition every day to receive the action steps you need to take.

It is about letting of the how, the when and even the what. Surrendering all those little details and trusting them in the hands of the Universe. Knowing that it will all come together in right time, exactly how it is supposed to.

As I reflected on the process I went through – from the moment the desire was born, to the moment it materalised – I realized there were 6 key steps that underpinned this process of how I manifest by following my intuition.

And so in today’s episode I am sharing this 6 step process with you, and I will walk you through the practices you can implement in order to tap into your intuitive guidance and bring your big dreams to life.


In this episode I share;

  • Why you need to connect with your desires every day in order to manifest them.
  • The difference between making your desires happen, versus manifesting from your intuition.
  • The importance of focusing on what you do want, rather than what you don’t want.
  • Why manifestation is more about energy than action.
  • How to clear the mindset blocks that may be holding you back from what want.
  • Why loving where you are right now, is the secret to speeding up your manifestations.
  • How to practice surrender so you can trust the divine timing of your desires.
  • How to receive the inspired action steps from your intuition
  • The story of how I manifested my recent home move (and how it literally dropped in my lap) by following my intuition.


Listen to Episode #71


Resources I Mention;

AR #46: The First Step To Changing Anything

AR #64 – How To Release Your Expectations Of Others


Quotes & Tweetables:

“In order to create a new reality, you need to shift your energy to come into alignment with that reality.” Click to Tweet

“You have to be in a state of non-resistance to create change.” Click to Tweet

“When you are plugged into your intuition you will know when it is time to act, and when it is time to wait.” Click to Tweet


What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? We would love to hear it. Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

3 thoughts on “How To Manifest Your Desires By Following Your Intuition (AR #71)”

  1. Re: How To Manifest Your Desires By Following Your Intuition (AR #71)

    Hi Connie,

    I just listened to this podcast.
    Hope you are enjoying your new place. It sounds lovely.
    You mentioned it was a short-term arrangement. Just wondering how long it is for? (or supposed to be for?)
    Just a minor detail I’m curious about – literally, just curious 🙂

  2. So beautiful and inspiring Connie!!
    I truly loved hearing your personal story and how did you deal with your thoughts and insecurities.
    So much love.

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