Manifest With Less Hustle & More Flow with Erin Stutland (AR #31)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #31 Manifest with Less Hustle and More Flow with Erin Stutland

Many of us get excited when we begin to learn about the principles of manifestation. But at the same time we can feel confused about ‘how’ to go about it and can at times end up trying to control and force our desires to take shape.

If you are ready to learn a way of manifesting that is playful, involves movement and powerful mantra’s and will allow you to still experience ease and flow, you will love today’s Awaken Radio episode with life coach and fitness expert, Erin Stutland.

Through this conversation you will discover how to clear out anything within you that is blocking what you want, and how to begin buidling a vision of what you truly desire so you can begin co-creating with the Universe to manifest it in your reality.


In This Powerful Episode We Cover:

  • How to transform your negative self-talk into empowering manifestation mantra’s.
  • What it means to get in the flow, and how to move into a more positive, flowing space when you are feeling stuck and blocked.
  • How to make affirmations work for you, even when you don’t believe them.
  • The one question that will help you get crystal clear what you really want (and why it is not always about getting the ‘stuff’).
  • Why manifestation is not just about being positive, and how to embrace and clear your uncomfortable inner blocks without getting stuck in them.
  • How to find the balance between action and allowing.


Listen to Episode #31 with Erin Stutland:

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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with us in the comments below.

Connie x

4 thoughts on “Manifest With Less Hustle & More Flow with Erin Stutland (AR #31)”

  1. Hi Connie,
    This episode is very informative and will help many people.
    However, how do you accept that you will never have what you want? How do you put up with knowing that you will never inspire yourself take action to make your dreams come true? How do you accept that you are not going to ever live your dream life because you keep sabotaging yourself or the things you want really are not possible for you? How do you go on living and drop desires that you want so much?

    1. Connie Chapman

      Thank you for the beautiful feedback and it is awesome that you enjoyed the episode. One of the most important parts of the manifestation process is the belief that what you want is possible. Your mind will either block or support your dreams. I would encourage you to perhaps begin exploring those limiting beliefs that are getting in the way, perhaps with a life coach, or even through reading some books and practising journaling. Once you shift your mindset and begin thinking in ways that empower and support you, you will be amazed how much more opportunity will open up, and how effortlessly your dreams will manifest. Sending you love for the journey x

  2. Hi Connie!

    Wow! What an inspiring, empowering & energising interview! My pen was scribbling away filling two pages with ideas, quotes & powerful takeaway messages: the ‘Morning Pages’ writing concept; mantras like ‘I can feel my power’ & ‘it is my time, my vision is clear’; becoming conscious of my choosing to stay suck in my feelings & circumstances & what my pay off has been for staying stuck; resources I can use in goal setting such as ‘people, places & things’ and ‘hidden treasures’ of feelings I need to cultivate in myself; just taking the first step (after doing the inner work) & this action being a form of devotion & show of my love, respect & desire for what I want to achieve.

    And also what I don’t want – to come from a space of anxiety, comparison, pushing & need but rather, doing things with passion & love.

    So many powerful messages.

    Thank you so much, beautiful soul sister 🙂

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