Embracing Life’s Cycles: Stories On Grief, Love, Resilience, Expansion & Purpose (AR #72)

Today’s podcast episode is a personal update from me filled with stories of what I have been learning, working through and discovering over the path month. It is a deep conversation filled with lessons on grief, love, loss, receiving, expansion, spiritual faith, alignment and living on purpose.

While what I have been moving through during this time has been incredibly difficult, it has also been very healing. I have come to realise, that every challenge life hands us has the potential to transform us in the most profound way, if we will allow it.

The depth of my pain and grief cracked my heart open to new levels of love, and supported me to experience even greater expansion. It has deepened my spiritual faith and taught me how to bounce back from setbacks and re-align with the light.

At the end of the day, life is going to always handle us challenges. So, our power lies, not in trying to avoid these hard or difficult experiences, but to become resilient in how we handle them.

So, I want to help you embrace and move through the various cycles of life – both those that feel expansive, light and abundant, and those that feel dark, challenging and painful – with courage and grace, so you no longer have to live in fear of what life may hand you.

Remember that no matter where you are it is temporary, and this too shall pass. After every period of darkness, comes light. After every contraction comes expansion.  After every ending comes a new beginning. And after every setback comes a new possibility.


In this episode I explore;

  • Why your life experiences, challenges and lessons are what you are here to teach others.
  • Why grief is such a key part of life, and why every ending, every closure and letting go, requires some form of grieving process.
  • How to move through and process big periods of emotion.
  • Why pain and heartbreak serves a divine purpose in cracking your heart open and expanding your capacity to receive love.
  • The power of having a spiritual faith that comforts you and aligns with you an energy greater than your human self.
  • How to bounce back from a set-back and pull yourself out of a funk
  • Why life is not about eliminating challenges, but becoming more resilient in how you handle them.
  • Why every ending or challenge holds in it the opportunity for transformation
  • How to step into your expansion, and align your energy with your highest self and your highest desires.
  • What it means to live your purpose, and how you can begin bringing more purpose to your life today.


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Quotes & Tweetables:

“Periods of contraction are always followed by expansion. Darkness is always followed by light” Click to tweet

“Let’s not live in fear of bad things happening, but become more resilient in how we handle them.” Click to tweet

“Every pain or heartbreak serves the purpose of cracking your heart open to receive more love.” Click to tweet


What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? I would love to hear it. Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

2 thoughts on “Embracing Life’s Cycles: Stories On Grief, Love, Resilience, Expansion & Purpose (AR #72)”

  1. Hi Connie,

    Another great pod – after some sudden life events I have been in a funk for the last 5 months. Good advice on how to power through it – I know things will get better.

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