How To Create A New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

I have been working with the energy of the moon for the past few years, and it has really supported me to become more connected to the cycles of life and to create rituals and sacred practices that honour the various energy phases.

Typically at each New Moon I write out my intentions of what I would love to create, experience, manifest, feel and focus on. I also draw a few oracle cards to provide guidance and give me a sense of the energy of the upcoming cycle.

But at the time of writing this, it is a New Moon in Cancer, and today I decided to take my ritual one step further and create a little alter for my intentions. I wrote out each intention individually on paper, and surrounded them with crystals to charge up the energy.

I love working with desires in this way as it makes it feel much more co-creative. It is as though I declare what I want, and by putting them in an alter, I am surrendering them to the Universe and opening up to receive support in bringing them to life.

I have often found that setting ‘goals’ can feel really masculine and heady, but when we can add a heart-driven, feminine approach through ritual it helps make the birthing of our desires feel sacred, divine and special.

I find that when I work with the natural energy cycles of the Universe, my manifestations feel much more flowing and effortless and require a lot less hustle, force and pushing to bring them to life.


How to Harness The Energy Of The New Moon

When we work with the moon, we align our energy with the energy of the Universe and it’s natural cycles and rhythms. New Moons signify the beginning of a new cycle, and so energetically is a powerful time to re-set and re-focus on what is important to us.

As the moon becomes dark, we have the opportunity to become quite and still, and look inwards. It is our time to pause and reflect and tune into our deeper selves to uncover what desires are ready to be brought to life. 

The energy of the New Moon support us to plant the seeds of our desires and intentions, create new beginnings and get clear on what we want to initiate. Then as we move through the moon cycle we move through the process of bringing them to fruition.

After the New Moon, the moon will then build to a Full Moon for the first half of the cycle, and as the moon grows larger through it’s cycle, it supports our desires to grow and expand too.


My New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

+ Clear The Energy
You can begin with using white sage to clear the energy of your space. This will help prepare for a new beginning and clear out any old, stagnant energy. Simply light the sage and walk around your space, getting into corners, behind doors and around furniture holding the intention to clean and lighten the energy and release anything that is stuck or heavy.

+ Create A Sacred Space
You can also create a little sacred space for your moon ritual which feels comforting and special to you. Set yourself up in a corner in your bedroom, or a space in another part of your home with items such as a candle, some tea, your journal, a few oracle card decks, some crystals and either a pillow, blanket or sheepskin rug to sit on. This will help bring a more special, sacred energy to the ritual.

+ Set Your Intentions
Take some time to tune into yourself and reflect on what feels like the key themes in your life at the moment, and what you would love to focus on over the next month. What feels important to you and what are you currently desiring?

In your journal, write out some intentions of what you would love to manifest and create, what you would love to feel and experience, what you want to call in and receive, and the actions you would love to see yourself taking.

Take time to really feel into your heart and into what you would love. Set intentions that feel inspiring and exciting to you, and that are areas you will be able to make progress on over the next moon cycle.

I recommend writing your intentions in the present tense as “I am..” and “I have…” statements. Or you can also write “I am in the process of manifesting/creating/calling in…” Write these out in your journal so you can revisit them through the month.

+ Use Oracle Cards
You can then draw a few oracle cards for some guidance and to give you a feeling for the themes that will be arising over the coming cycle. Simply shuffle the deck and either wait for some cards to jump out, or just trust your intuition on when to stop and pull a card from the deck.

Some of my favourite decks are The Goddess Guidance Deck by Doreen Virtue, and The Enchanted Map Deck by Collette Baron Reid.

+ Create An Altar For Your Desires
On a separate piece of paper, you can then write out your intentions again, and cut them up individually. Put them on a special plate, dish or bowl and put them in your alter, which could be a place in your home where you keep a collection of sacred items such as crystals, candles, your vision board, essential oils, sage, and flowers (or whatever else you would like there). You can then lay small crystals around the bowl of intentions to charge up the energy of your desires.

+ Connect With Your Intentions Daily
It will be supportive to check back in with the intentions in your journal each day to remind yourself what you are focusing on and what is important to you. Take time to close your eyes and feel into the energy of having that desire, and spend time visualising and imagining what it will look and feels like to live and experience it.

Giving energy, attention and focus to what your desires each day, and aligning your energy with them, will help them come to life. You can also tune in each and ask your inner guidance if there are any actions steps for you today to help your desire. This practise is a supportive way to manifest your desires by working with your intuition.


A Few Other Points

+ Practise Lots Of Self-Care
If you consider yourself to be sensitive or empathic, you may feel the energy of the moon very strongly. Pay attention to how you feel in the lead up to a New or Full Moon. You may feel introspective, reflective, and internal at New Moon times so I like to practise a lot of self-care at these times. It can be useful to journal about how you are feeling and you will start to see common themes in how the energy of the moon affects you.

+ Release & Let Go At The Full Moon
When you reach the Full Moon it is a great time to re-connect with your desires and see how they have been blossoming, or if there are any you wish to release or change. The Full Moon is the time for letting go, so you may also find yourself releasing old patterns or beliefs within yourself that need to be cleared so your New Moon Intention can come to life.



+ Dr. Ezzie Spencer
If you want to know more about working with the moon, I recommend listening to my Awaken Radio episode with Dr. Ezzie Spencer where we dive super deep into how to work with the Lunar Cycles to create peace & prosperity in your life. This episode explores and explains the 8 moon phases and is full of practical wisdom and tips.

+ Mystic Mamma
Each New Moon will have a different energy influence depending on what Astrological sign it falls in. Each month, I like to read a bit about the theme of the moon on Mystic Mamma to gain deeper insights on how this energy may affect me.


I would love to hear from you in the comments;

+ Do you have a new moon ritual? What are you excited to take on board and practise from this post?

+ Do you have any favourite Astrological and Lunar websites, blogs or teachers? Let me know, I would love to hear your recommendations.

With love,
Connie x


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