Working With The Lunar Cycles For Peace & Prosperity with Ezzie Spencer (AR #49)

A few years ago, a friend and I began doing oracle card readings at the New Moon. At that stage, I didn’t know much about the moon or even oracle cards, but it sounded like a beautiful ritual so I followed her lead.

At each New Moon we would set our intentions for the upcoming moon cycle and draw a card to give us guidance through each of the main moon phases. I was amazed how often the cards that we were drawing provided the exact guidance that I needed to hear as the month unfolded.

This monthly practise began to be something I would look forward to, as it provided so much clarity and support for me in navigating the ever-changing energies I often felt within me and around me.

Most of us are probably aware of the Full Moon – who can miss that beautiful luminous light in the sky – and perhaps even the New Moon, but there is so much more to understand. So I am excited that I have Dr Ezzie Spencer on Awaken Radio today to dive deeply into it all and share practical ways that you can work with the moon energy to create more peace and prosperity in your life.


In Today’s Episode We Cover:

  • How to begin a self-enquiry process and why we need to go within to listen to ourselves and uncover our heart’s deepest desires.
  • Why working with the moon energy can help us further understand ourselves and how we feel.
  • The characteristics of a New Moon, how it effects us energetically and how to harness it’s power to set new intentions.
  • The different Yang and Yin moon phases and how we can use this energy to know when to take action, and when to step back and receive.
  • Why Full Moons’ help us become aware of what is holding us back and what we can do to let go of these limitations.
  • How we can use the moon phases to help us get the most out of our creativity, our businesses, and our careers.
  • The power of understanding our own personal cycles and the connection between the moon cycle and the female menstrual cycle
  • How to manifest true our heart-desires through intention setting, energy work, feeling and inspired, aligned action.
  • The feminine way to create and experience abundance and how to balance the energies of giving and receiving.
  • The importance of asking for what we want, knowing our worth, and abundantly receiving money for our work in the world.


Listen to Episode #49 with Ezzie Spencer

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