Contentment, Wholeness & Healing The Lack Mentality (AR #50)

I am currently having a deep love affair with yoga. It is not just the way it anchors me back into my body and helps me stretch and expand into areas of discomfort. It is not just the clarity and calmness I feel in my mind or the inner stillness I can access.

But moreso, it is how powerfully it draws me back into connection with my true self. How it brings me back home to my heart and my soul, and reminds me who I am.

How it enables me to embody my wholeness and feel perfectly complete with who I am, just as I am.

I love who I become by the end of class. Who I am when I step out into the world. Fresh, clear eyes. A brand new perspective. Grounded, connected, present. Alive. Embodied. Living and breathing love.

It is a magical feeling.

Many of my Awaken Radio episode’s have flowed out of me after my yoga classes. On the walk home I feel the words form within me, and I either step right in the door from class and onto the mic to record my thoughts and feelings or I allow the words to flow out of me onto the page of my journal, in preparation for an upcoming episode.

And this conversation is no different.

Today’s message is all about contentment, which is a feeling that I tend to only encounter in glimpses, and generally only after yoga. But it is a feeling I yearn to know more intimately.

I desire to have this calm energy of contentment, be my day to day state of being. My home frequency. For it to feel familiar and known. For it to be who I am.

Contentment, wholeness and happiness are our natural state. All we must do is to break free of the mental judgments, lack-based stories and not enough belief systems that block us from ever experiencing this precious feeling in every moment.


In today’s episode I explore;

  • Why many of us constantly feel discontent within ourselves and our lives.
  • How to experience deep contentment, despite what is unfolding around you.
  • The power and importance of living in the present moment.
  • The root cause of our lack, not enough and ‘something is missing’ mentality and how to break out of this cycle.
  • Why releasing your mental judgments and dropping deeper into your body will set you free.
  • How to experiencing happiness with where you are, even if you dislike it and want to be somewhere wlse.
  • Why appreciation and gratitude are your keys to shifting from lack to abundance.
  • Why experiencing contentment and happiness with where you are, is the secret to creating a life that deeply fulfils you.
  • The difference between desires born from lack and need, versus love and abundance.


 Listen to Episode #50


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What was your biggest take-away, realisation or insight from today’s conversation? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x


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  1. I totally enjoyed your podcast on “change” you definitely have natural sincerity and authenticity . So refreshing

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