Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom & Live Free of Limitation with Caroline Frenette (AR #51)

What I love about my Awaken Radio conversations is that I never quite know where they are going to go. The episodes are relatively unplanned and I allow them to flow and unfold naturally. Sometimes they go the way I had anticipated, and other times a whole new beautiful conversation opens up that I was not at all expecting.

I had initially thought today’s guest and I were in for a deep and powerful chat about business. But what opened up was an eye opening exploration of what it means to live intuitively and tap into the incredible guidance of our inner wisdom so that we can literally live a life without limits.

In this episode I am speaking with Caroline Frenette who is a certified Master Intuitive Coach + Certified Transformative Coach. To say our conversation blew my mind wide open, is an understatement. I took so much away from this incredible episode and I hope you to do.


In today’s episode we cover;

  • Why we are all intuitive and always have access to this simple and natural form of inner wisdom.
  • How to clearly identify and recognise the voice of your intuition and how it differs to the thoughts that come from your mind.
  • Why our thoughts and emotions are the biggest things blocking us following our truth and moving forward.
  • The difference between divine love and ego love
  • Why following your intuition doesn’t always ‘feel good’ and may in fact feel scary or uncomfortable.
  • How to make clear, intuitive decisions that are not clouded by fear.
  • How to shift old beliefs, break free of limited thinking and expand your consciousness so you can live without limits.
  • How to combine intuition and creative flow, with logical thinking and action to manifest your dreams.
  • The important of trust when stepping into the unknown (& why there is no such thing as ‘risk’).
  • Why breaking through your mental limitations around money will enable you to create an abundance of wealth.


Listen to Episode #51 with Caroline Frenette


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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with us in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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