How To Close The Gap Between Where You Are & Where You Want To Be

I was sitting in bed this morning, drinking tea and thinking about the new dreams and desires I currently hold within my heart that I want to manifest.

Right now, these dreams are just ideas. They are images I can see when I close my eyes. And as I explore them and play them out in my imagination, I can also feel them.

I feel my heart expand and open with happiness, a warm energy rushes through my chest and a smile gently appears on my face. These are desires that I would truly love to manifest.

They are not full of need, fear or hidden agenda’s. They are arising within me, as they are my soul calling me towards more joy, more expansion and more abundance. They are calling me to experience more of who I truly am.

But then I open my eyes, and I am back in my bed, with my cup of tea and my laptop, and the images disappear. Instantly my energy drops, as I remember where I am and how far it feels from where I want to be.

I could clearly feel that there was a vast difference between the energy I embody when I am focused on imagining my dreams, and the energy I embody when I am focused on where I am.

 And I realised that this is exactly what delays our dreams from manifesting.


Why Dreams Don’t Manifest & We Stay Stuck

When you are imagining your desires, feeling them, experiencing them as though they are real, you are actually in that moment turning them into a reality. This is the manifestation process.

Your body, mind and energy field are experiencing these ideas as being real, and this is what then makes them then become real.

Whatever we give our energy to, whether it is through our thoughts, our attention, our focus or our actions is what we will manifest and create.

But the minute you open your eyes and you begin focusing back on where you are and what you don’t like about it, and all of your problems and challenges, the manifestation process stops.

As you start giving all of your focus, energy, thoughts and attention to where you are and your current circumstances, this is then what you will continue creating

So the biggest challenge we face along the path of manifesting our dreams is learning how to keep our energy focused on what we desire to create, rather than what is unfolding in front of our eyes.

We create a big ‘gap’ between where we are and where we want to be, when there is too much focus on ‘what is’ and not enough focus on what is desired.

We keep ourselves stuck where we are because we keep focusing on it, and telling ourselves it so far away from where we want to be.


How To Close The Gap & Speed Up Our Manifestations

If we only spend a tiny amount of time (or perhaps no time at all) actually imagining, feeling into and exploring our visions, how can we expect them to manifest?

And if all we do is keep focusing on where we are, thinking about it, worrying about it and maybe even trying to get away from it, how can we expect to create anything other than more of it?

So here is how we close the gap between where we are and where we want to be;

We need to make our inner vision more real than our outer vision. We need to believe in what we see when we close our eyes, and make it feel real. We need to give those visions all of our attention and and withdraw our energy from the things we see outside of us that we no longer wish to create.

We must embody a new energy, despite our circumstances.

This means we are embodying an energy that has arisen from within us based on the images we are playing in our mind, not one that has arisen in response to what we are seeing unfolding around us.

This means at times, withdrawing our energy from the problems we see around us, or the things we do not like or want, or dropping the mental stories which keep us trapped where we are.

It means having the consciousness and discipline to choose our state of being, how we want to feel and what we will focus on, rather than living with automatic knee-jerk responses to our circumstances.

We have to remember that we create from the inside-out. What is within us, is manifested around us. So we must believe and know that what we see within, is just as real as what we see without.

I truly feel this is our biggest challenge in manifestation. It is our ability to hold the energy within us of who we will be and what it will feel like when our new desires have come to life. 

But this is the key to accelerating our manifestations. As we hold our inner vision, embody it’s energy and live as though it is already done, a new world will begin to take shape around us, in response to the new person we have become.


Key principles to accelerate your dreams;

Ensure your desires are born from love, and driven by your heart.
Heart-driven desires are all about love, joy, expansion and abundace. When a desire arises from our heart, it is a gift from our soul showing us that something bigger is out there for us. These are not desires that come from our head or from need, lack or fear. Rather, you will feel it as an inner pull of something that you would truly love to create, do or experience.

Give energy to your desires, daily.
Every morning, use your imagination to play with images of your desires. Keep it light and fun and simply close your eyes and feel into the experience of that way of living. Feel the energy you embody as that person. As you connect with that energy, and feel it within your body, you start to take on more of it’s vibration and begin the manifestation process.

Keep your attention on appreciation, not complaining.
The energy of appreciation is abundant, and as you stay in this energy through the day you are radiating an energy of wholeness and contentment. When you focus on what is working, what you love and are grateful for and what is making you happy, you are going to receive and manifest more of that.

Stop focusing on what is lacking or missing.
Catch those negative, lack-based thoughts when they play out and stop them right away. When you focus on what is not working, what is missing and what you don’t like you block the Universe from delivering it’s magic to you.

Feel the feelings it creates from having it, and feel that way now.
You can vision and feel into your desires as much as you like, but if you keep seeing them in your future, they will stay in your future. You must bring them into the present.

As you integrate it your present, and feel in your body the feeling of having it right now. It no longer lives in the future as an idea, but is embodied in this moment now.

Take inspired action
Ask yourself; what action can I take, decision can I make or how can I live today that will take me closer to who I want to be and what I desire to experience? And then at the end of the day celebrate any step you took or any manifestation that unfolded.

This will create an energy of success, movement and momentum which gets the energy flowing and your desires unfolding faster.


With love,
Connie x

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4 thoughts on “How To Close The Gap Between Where You Are & Where You Want To Be”

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! This post is amazing, full of white pure energy! I love it! I feel my heart so light and happy after reading your words ? Thank you beautiful soul, you are an Angel on earth?

  2. Hi Connie,

    This post is so perfectly timed, I am practicing these exact principles in my own life right now – as I find myself in transition from where I am to where I want to be both in my outer life and inner life. I’ve added visualization mediations to tap into the energy of the ‘me’ that can create the manifestation that I desire – because it has to come through me: every supply, answer and source is within me – so I’ve been practicing keep my energy clear and clean by witnessing my thoughts, acknowledging them and letting them go. I’ve set a reminder to go off on my phone that says: Everyday in every way is getting better and better to keep myself focused. This post captured everything I am feeling so well, and thank you for being the light to reflect this back to me! x

  3. This is just what I needed to see this morning! I constantly find myself in the situation you described, picturing my dreams in my mind and being filled with positive energy, which works especially well on weekends, but come Monday morning, when I have to look at where I actually am and what I need to do to accomplish those dreams, my energy drops exponentially. I’ll keep the key principles you outlined here in mind and put them into practice with every chance I get.

    I’ve been reflecting and reading a lot about focusing on abundance rather than lack lately, and this post fits perfectly into everything that I’ve learned and answers a few questions that had been forming for me. So, thank you for writing and sharing this information. I hope you have a great, dream- and action-filled week ahead!

  4. Great!Liked this post a lot. Have started visualizing my dreams.I feel relaxed and a positive energy flows after visualization

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