The One Thing Stopping Your Dreams Manifesting

My experience with manifestation is something that continues to evolve. When I first learnt about this process I thought of if it as somewhat magical. Initially it felt that way. When it suddenly clicks that you are a creator who can change their reality, it feels pretty damn magical.

Sychronicities occur. Uncanny coincidences unfold. You find yourself thinking about someone and then they call. Or you hear someone mention the name of a book you should read and then you walk in to a store and it literally falls off the shelf.

Yes, when you start to get the hand of the manifestation thing, cool stuff starts to happen. But this is not necessarily what manifestation is all about.

I believe that manifestation is a process that we are meant to experience every time we desire something. It is a natural process. We desire something and then it manifests.

Everything you want already exists. You do not have to manifest or create it. You just have to choose it and allow it to come in to form.


Why Has It Not Manifested Yet?

It is not because you are not visualising enough. It is not because you are not worthy. It is not because you are a bad person.

Rather, it is because you haven’t actually decided to have it yet.

If you had decided that you were going to do it or have it, you would be taking the steps now to do it. And then as you take the steps to move forward everything you need to create it begins to manifest.

But until you decide, nothing happens.

Many of us (myself included) wait for evidence of our manifestation before we act. Instead, we must trust that our desire has already manifested and from that place we act. Then whatever we need shows up.


Make A Whole Hearted Decision

I created a vision board for 2013 and I love it. The main reason I created it was because it felt really good to me. Every time I look at it I overflow with positive, bubbly feelings. It makes me feel happy and inspired.

But I will also admit that there were some things on there that I felt I wanted to manifest later this year.┬áI would look at it and think “I will stick this on my vision board, and put it out to the Universe and over the course of the year it will manifest”

But what I recently realised is that this is really just a delay tactic. When I got really honest with myself, I realised the truth.

I was deliberately delaying the manifestation of these things as I did not feel ready to take the necessary steps to create them.

So, instead I thought I will “put them out there” and place them in the future so that I did not have to take the big steps required to manifest them now.

The truth is, I could have started creating everything on that board right now. Had I simply decided too.

So, if your vision board inspires you and makes you feel motivated and clear on your goal keep it. If it helps you connect with the feelings of having it now then continue looking at it. But do not allow the fact that something is on your vision board, be a reason to not have to take any action.


So, Ask Yourself:

What am I currently ‘trying’ to manifest?

Have I actually wholly and completely decided to have it yet?

Am I taking the steps towards my dream right now, or am I waiting for things to manifest first?

If I decided, could I actually create this right now?

What things am I currently delaying because I am not ready to take the steps necessary to create them?


What did you uncover anything from asking those questions? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

With love,

Connie x