How To Re-Connect With Your Intuition

If you are anything like me, you may have at some point had a bit of a love/hate relationship with your intuition. Sometimes your inner guidance calls you towards beautiful things, aligns you with amazing people, and leads you in to gorgeous circumstances.

That is when you love it.

But sometimes your intuition gives you a little inner nudge that you don’t necessarily want to hear.

“It is time to leave your day job” or “Let go of that friendship” or “Quit coffee” and your little head shouts “noooooo” In the past I would battle with my intuition when it would give me this type of guidance. If it was not what my head wanted to hear then I didn’t want to know about it.

Open Up To Your Inner Voice

But I have recently made a new commitment to that little inner voice of mine. I have realised that trying to live without it’s precious guidance just doesn’t work. Without it’s support I fumble, trip up and fall over. Without it, things feel off. There is no space, no flow and no ease.

I no longer want to be so ‘heady’ – getting caught up in my own plan, becoming ridiculously attached to certain outcomes and a being wee bit over-controlling.

In fact, this shift is causing me to want to take my attention off the ‘world out there’ altogether, and place my focus firmly back inside of me. In here. In where my intuition lives.

For me, this requires some work, but I am up for it. And the most beautiful part is that I will not be doing this work alone. Once you make this commitment to listen to your intuition/your gut/your inner pull, your decision is immediately supported. The teachers will suddenly appear.

For me it came in the sequence of reading this beautiful book + attending this amazing event + working with this super inspiring dude = smack bang, I am on the path. I am totally being supported. Every brave step I take to let go a little more of my mind’s stories, my fearful voices and my ego’s control, the more I feel loved and guided.

So, for me it is still a journey. I am still learning (or shall I say un-learning) so much, but it is a beautiful process that I am whole-heartedly committed to.


My Inner Journey 

So, what exactly does this journey look like? To be honest I have no idea. But at the moment it ‘feels’ a little like this

+ Doing less. Being more. (I don’t exactly know how to do that, but it feels oh so right)

+ Detaching. (again a foreign concept) but to me it feels like loosening my grip, letting go a little, softening, releasing..

+ Acceptance. Everything is perfect, just as it is. Things are ok, just as they are. I practice welcoming everything (even those things that I think are ‘bad’) and allowing them to be.

+ Non-judgement. Im giving up the labels I place on every experience, every person, every thought, every action, every result. Why does something have to be good or bad? Why can’t it just be?

+ Remembering my truth. Nothing that I truly seek is outside of me. Nothing out there will fill the void inside. All that I desire is within. All I truly desire is a feeling. And I do not need to create that feeling in me – it already is me. I just need to reconnect with it.

+ Affirming “I let go of my need to control, and allow the Universe to do her thing” Thanks to Gabby B for that one.

+ Feeling. Creating space for my emotions to exist, to expand, to be felt and to be released. And then following the feeling that exists below the emotion. The feeling of truth. The feeling of my intuition. Following that above all else.

I’m diving deep in to this journey, and letting go of my previous ‘skim the surface’ approach. I am taking this all the way. Am I scared? Yes. Is it unfamiliar? Yes. Is my mind trying to tell me that I am crazy? Yes. But I am doing it anyway, and I look forward to sharing more of this journey with you.


Has your intuition ever called you towards something that you have resisted? Did you follow it anyway, or did you let your mind win? Share your experiences in the comments below.

With love,

Connie x

3 thoughts on “How To Re-Connect With Your Intuition”

  1. This is a beautiful reminder to believe in your intuition. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between intuition and what you want to hear (be it fear or hope). I am going through yet another break up with my boyfriend. We’ve been so up and down from day 1. At first I knew it was my insecurities that fed the problems. I worked on myself and I learnt a lot about myself. It is still a big journey letting go of fear but slowly the fear is disappearing. How do I know this? Not because the fights have ended. No the fights are still continuing but not as bad as they used to be. I know this because I started loving and accepting who I am and identifying when I feel insecure. There are still signs of insecurity but I talk these out, breathe and try to make light and let go of some of the beliefs instead of reacting like a crazy lunatic and exploding in anger. The thing is, I have also realised that there are some values are important to me and that wont change. Being happier with myself means I can identify my fears from my intuition. Whats scary is that I still have fears and hopes which have created an attachment to hold onto a relationship that my intuition is trying to tell me isn’t right for me. I’m scared of change because I’m scared of being wrong and worst, I’m scared of being lonely. It is a difficult process identifying my intuition let alone following it.. but (finally) reading a blog like yours helps a lot. Thank you.

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