From Body Shame To Body Peace with Heather Waxman (AR #22)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #22 From Body Shame to Body Peace with Heather Waxman

Our body is an incredible creation, and a divine vehicle that carries us through this lifetime. Yet it can also be a source of stress, struggle and discomfort for many of us. If you have ever battled with body shame you are going to love today’s Awaken Radio episode where I chat with life coach, speaker, musician and soon-to-be-published author Heather Waxman.

In this authentic, playful and raw conversation Heather speaks deeply from personal experience and shares everything that has supported her to move from struggling with an eating disorder to developing a powerful love and respect for her body. This episode is overflowing with practical tools that you can take on board to experience a greater sense of connection with your body and receive more love from yourself and others.


In Today’s Empowering Episode We Cover:

+ How to see your body as a teacher, loyal servant and instrument of love, rather than your own worst enemy.

+ What it means to ‘make your life a meditation’ and how it will reconnect you with your body and soul.

+ The healing power of movement, dancing in your undies, and getting intimate with your naked body.

+ Our tips to practising being more open, receptive, and how to feel safe welcoming in more love, attention and affection.

+ Why body peace is not a destination, but rather an ongoing journey of vulnerability and falling deeper in love with yourself.

+ Why you must embrace your break-down’s so you can experience the break-through’s.



 Listen To Episode #22 with Heather Waxman:

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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with us in the comments below.

Connie x

3 thoughts on “From Body Shame To Body Peace with Heather Waxman (AR #22)”

    1. Yes!! When I re-listened to it I was blown away (and I also couldn’t stop laughing at us). So glad you are loving the show! xx

  1. Fran actually just put the words to my thoughts! I looooved every single second, and I like the fact that you girls also covered the sexual relationship with ourselves. I had a mirror-experince last week and literally broke down to tears. I felt so sorry for this lovely soul of mine which “house” I have treated and hated so badly for years. All I saw in my eyes was the real, true me praying for my love.

    I’ve recently found your blog Connie – I’m already a FAN!
    xo Marie

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