What Would It Look Like If You Were Fully Showing Up? (Video)

So it has been over a year since I recorded a video blog. The desire to share myself in this way with you has been tugging at me for months, and I have found every excuse under the sun to not act on it.

I have felt huge resistance to the guidance within me that has been asking me to show up more fully – to be seen, to be heard, to be fully visible.I have procrastinated, avoided, kept myself busy and distracted myself. I have been running from what my heart has been asking me to do.

For the most part, I didn’t even know I was doing it, and that is the scary part.

Sometimes you can’t actually see how small you are playing. You are blind to all your own games. You are believing your own excuses – they are so damn good that you think they are the truth. But they are not, they are just excuses.


What Would It Look Like If You Were Fully Showing Up?

So on Monday morning I woke up with these words ringing in my head; What would it look like if you were fully showing up?

And I knew it was time to answer.

So I pulled out my laptop and I got really honest with each area of my life, and I wrote out what it would look like.

I stared at the page, and I noticed there was a radical difference between what ‘showing up’ would look like, versus what I was doing right now.

It was like someone had just turned the light on. Suddenly I could see myself clearly. The games, the excuses, the fear, the procrastination was all illuminated and I had no choice but to face it.

I looked at my list and saw one thing immediately jump out – Video blogs. My guidance was asking me to make myself more visible and vulnerable. To be seen, to be heard, to connect and to share myself, deeply.

I felt resistance arise. Fears swirled through my mind. The excuses began. I didn’t want to do it.

But I decided it was time to let this go, so I did the opposite of what fear was telling me. I jumped straight onto my computer and recorded a video blog.

And do you know how I felt afterwards?

Free. And alive.

And that’s how you feel when you choose your heart over fear.


Watch The Video

So after watching this video, I want you to ask yourself the same question; “What would it look like if I was fully showing up for what I want?“. Write it out on paper and really look at it. And then notice the difference between what you see written, and what you are currently doing.

Notice the gap.

And if you can clearly see that you have been playing too small, making excuses, avoiding and hiding, I want to encourage you to be gentle on yourself. Avoid the tendency to beat yourself up and make yourself feel like a failure.

And instead, make a decision. Make a decision that you are going to start right now to take new steps and show up in a new way.

I want you to know that who you are right now, is enough. You, just as you are, is enough to make you worthy and deserving of having what you want. You don’t need to be any different, in order to be ready.

No more excuses, procrastinating, playing small and hiding. If there is something sitting within your heart that you have been thinking about, sitting on and mulling over, now is the time to bring it to life.

Not tomorrow. Not a week from now. Not ‘one day’. Right now.

And I want to support you.


I created a new coaching program called Go Deeper Play Bigger which will give you the tools, practices, guidance and personal coaching support to bring your heart-driven dreams to life.

Registration is now open and we begin on July 16th.

Let’s bring those beautiful visions and desires out into the world. If your heart is saying ‘yes’ then join me here, or begin with a free Discovery Call.

Lots of love,

Connie x

14 thoughts on “What Would It Look Like If You Were Fully Showing Up? (Video)”

  1. Yay!! so happy to see your videos back Connie. Your newsletter is one of the very few I love opening everytime. this may sound so crazy but I have been experiencing the EXACT same in relation to my website, and yesterday I decided to add more photos of me 🙂 I also asked a friend of mine to lend me a good microphone so I start practising hearing my voice recorded because it always sound weird haha..Your video gave me more courage. Thank you <3

  2. Hi Connie, your video was exactly what I needed to be reminded of today. Thank you for being so honest. You are exactly right – most of the time after we finally do things we have been putting off, it turns out that we love doing them!
    Amanda X

  3. Thanks Connie. Also needed this. Have been putting off podcasting since a friend made a comment ‘you don’t understand technology and do you realise how sound even works?’ My let’s have a go attitude then turned to doubt so the line ‘we’re always waiting for everything to be perfect before we show up, just show up’ really helped me. Thanks as always.

  4. Great message Connie! Totally resonates with me at the moment and it inspires me to know others like yourself feel the same insecurities and resistance at times. I am currently creating my first newsletter and perhaps videos however wanting it to be just ‘right’ has held me back so thank you your message today will help me get started 🙂

  5. That was a beautiful video and a HUGE sign because I have gone through this, too. Was actually going to record today but had the very same reservations — I’m tired, my backdrop isn’t good enough — which is all code for thinking I am not good enough, which is not true!

    Was so good to see your spirit shine through and gave me so much encouragement to go ahead and let my own spirit shine through. Very inspiring!

  6. Love your videos Connie!! Exactly what I needed to hear! Have been procrastinating on so many things and need to just ‘show up’ like you said. Hope you keep the videos up, would love to see more 🙂 x

  7. Thanks for sharing Connie. This is exactly what i needed to hear at this stage of my journey.
    Love & Light X

  8. Thanks so much for your video. It was so refreshing that the video was not polished and perfect, I feel like I saw the true Connie. I also liked it was so informational in under 5mins. “Show up and do it” I will make that my mantra today.

  9. Beautiful, Connie!!
    Beautiful message, beautiful hair, beautiful room.. 🙂 thank you for sharing in such an honest way!

  10. Connie, I’ve been checking your blogs for so long, hoping to see a video…and it’s soooo wonderful to see you again and to have you back doing video again. And wow — did I ever need your message today. This message, and the previous one about “closing the gap” are speaking to me to directly and so strongly … I don’t know how to describe it.

    And Connie, you seem so “in your element” when you are in front of the camera, and it seems like you really do enjoy it. Thank you for coming back into our lives in this personal way again!

    The messages of “fully showing up” and also of “accelerating our dreams” are hitting home with me in a very powerful way. I’m dealing with some deep desires that, just as you said, are staying hidden because I’ afraid to truly give my energy to them.

    There’s so much more that I could say but for now may be be so bold as to send some love right back to you… 🙂

    Michael … XX !

  11. i’ve missed your video blogs Connie. Glad your back. You always make me see things clearer. Thanks.

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