Surrender Your Head To Your Heart (AR #52)

Last month I found myself stuck at a turning point. I had to make a decision around my home and where I wanted to live, and I could not seem to find any clarity at all.

My head and heart were at war. I felt torn within myself. Conflicting thoughts and feelings whirred around inside me. I could not tell which decision was being driven by my mind and which was coming from my heart.

All I knew was that I was completely disconnected from my heart. My mind was racing and full of thoughts, my body was tense and I could not seem to access any of my inner wisdom.

My mind was trying to stay in control by not allowing me enough space to access my heart. My heart was speaking up – she knew what she wanted, she had desires and requests. But there was a part of me that didn’t want to hear it. 

My mind was trying to keep me safe by thinking logically and practically, and taking the easier path. But my heart wanted to pull me out of what made sense, and in a completely new direction. She wanted me to change, to grow and to stretch myself.

In that moment, my practise was in allowing myself to surrender to my heart and trust her completely, even though I was afraid.

Through surrender, I was finally able to feel and find the decision that was sitting in my heart, and follow it. Despite the fear of my mind, the doubt and the worry, I was able to let my heart take over and lead.

And I want to share a conversation with you today on how you can do that too.


In today’s episode I cover;

  • What it means to practise surrender.
  • Why patterns of over-thinking, fear and control disconnect us from our heart, our truth and our inner power.
  • Why our head and heart conflict and why what ‘we’ think us right for us is not always for our highest good.
  • Why surrendering your head to your heart may trigger resistance, discomfort and fear.
  • What it feels like when your heart and inner wisdom are communicating with you.
  • My process for accessing the deeper wisdom of your heart.
  • What it feels like to make a whole-hearted decision, and how you will know you have made the ‘right’ choice.


Listen to Episode #52


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