Are You Devoted or Dabbling? The Power of Whole-Hearted Commitment (AR #53)

So I was never really aware just how much I had a fear of commitment. I knew I had some slight resistance to it, but it was the other day, while at my local yoga studio that I had a huge realisation.

After attending this studio for about a year, one of the teachers began speaking to me about getting a membership. She gently prompted me in that moment to make a decision – one that should have been easy to make considering it would save me money and create way more ease –  yet I could not bring myself to do it.

I felt myself becoming uncomfortable and full of resistance, and I ended up walking out without signing up.

It was in that moment that I realised that I had been practising yoga for 15 years and never once held down a membership. I have never truly made a commitment.

After the class I reflected further, and I could suddenly see the extent of my non-committal ways. My epic dabbling pattern was so evident. My tendency to stay within the bounds of my comfort zone, not just in my yoga practise, but across many areas of life, was running rampant.

And as this new awareness filled my mind, I felt a new desire arise within me. The desire for devotion.

What does devotion mean to me? It feels like whole-hearted, non-negotiable commitment. Going all the way. Showing up fully. Giving my all and being my best. Following through to completion. Dedication beyond resistance. 

I love the word devotion.

It has a sacred feeling to it, like I am honouring something far greater than me.

It feels like a deeper part of me is making the commitment. It is not a surface decision, it is a surrender to higher part of me that is calling me to rise up into my potential.

Devotion is the practise that will take your life to the next level.

And this is what I want to talk to you about in today’s podcast.


In today’s episode I cover;

  • My personal realisation of how I had been avoiding commitment in my life.
  • The tell tale signs that you are dabbling including; making excuses, avoidance, resistance and allowing your emotions to rule you.
  • The reasons that we fear making commitments and going all-in.
  • Why dabbling is sabotaging your success and keeping you small and stuck.
  • Why you cannot reach your full potential without devotion, and how whole-hearted commitment can radically change your life.
  • Some questions and journaling prompts for you to explore in order ditch your dabbling pattern and become devoted to what you desire.


Listen to Episode #53

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What was your biggest take-away, realisation or insight from today’s conversation? Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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2 thoughts on “Are You Devoted or Dabbling? The Power of Whole-Hearted Commitment (AR #53)”

  1. I love this! I haven’t listened to the podcast episode yet, but just reading the blog post gave me a few things to think about.

    I think I dabble in several things, both important and less so, and it’s crossed my mind a few times that maybe I do have a fear of commitment, but I haven’t let myself fully reflect on and analyze it yet – perhaps out of the fear that it might be true after all. Funny how that goes. 🙂

    One of the biggest issues that comes up for me about commitment is that if I do commit to something, I’ll have to give it all my time and attention and, as someone who is passionate about many different things, that’s one of my worst nightmares! 😛 Reflecting on it a little though, I’m starting to realize that commitment perhaps doesn’t have to mean giving all my time and energy to just one thing but rather giving all my energy and whole-hearted devotion to what I’m doing when/while I’m doing it, so I think I’m ready to start facing that fear of commitment.

    I’m looking forward to listening to the episode as well, so I can delve deeper into this. Thank you once again for sharing your incredible insights here with us – it’s very much appreciated and helpful!

  2. The timing of this episode could not be better. Very challenging for me, as I seem to be a serial “dabbler” and often rely more on my natural talent for something, rather than a daily practice. Yet, I long to find my “magnificence!”

    Like you, Connie, I don’t struggle with committing to a partner, but I have never committed to a skill, a career path, a hobby, or even a simple resolution. I do things when I feel like doing them.

    In other podcasts, Connie, you’ve discussed the importance of surrender, of doing our creative work when it “feels right” and of not forcing something to happen. How do you reconcile these ideas with the idea of devotion? They seem to contradict each other, but maybe I’m just not understanding fully.

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