How To Tell The Difference Between Your Head & Your Heart

I receive so many emails from beautiful readers asking me for help to tell the difference between their head and their heart. Sometimes the more we try to decipher between these two voices, the more confused we become.

The only time we become confused in life is when we are stuck in our head in a pattern of analysing, over-thinking and questioning. When we can simply drop in to our feeling and tune in to our heart’s wisdom, we always find the clarity we are seeking.

In today’s video I dive a little deeper in to the two contrasting energies of head and heart so that you can begin to build your own relationship with these feelings.

It takes courage to follow you heart, to say yes to what you want and to walk a new path.

Many of us are ready to start practising this now. We are ready to break out of the limitations of our mind and old ways of being, and we are craving the freedom of diving in to something new.

Living from your heart is the doorway that will break you through to everything you truly seek. It is time to start strengthening the relationship with your love-driven voice so it can pull you beyond the constraints of your mind.


Video: How To Tell the Difference Between Your Head & Your Heart

To recap what I covered in this video:

+ Head energy is driven by our internal programming, our belief systems, our memories and the identity we have created. When we live from our mind we are constrained and restricted by our past and our mental limitations.

+ Heart energy is limitless, infinite and unrestricted. It calls you in the direction of what you love and speaks to you in possibility. It guides you to greater expansion and aliveness and breaks you out of old ways of being.

+ To connect with your heart, tune in to your feeling. Ask “how does this feel?” Start learning to let your feeling guide you, rather than your thinking.

+ I mention my Drop Into Your Heart Online Workshop in this video. Get your free download of the workshop here.


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With love,

Connie x

10 thoughts on “How To Tell The Difference Between Your Head & Your Heart”

  1. Connie, you are such a beautiful thing. You really come across as someone who truly cares and is really authentic. Thanks so much for sharing this video, it really helps put things into perspective for me. Too often I make choices from my brain, but more and more lately I’ve been tuning into my heart. Your video reminded me that I’m doing the right thing. Thanks lovely lady! Xx

    1. Thank you Shelley. I am incredibly passionate about heart energy so it tends to light me up when I speak about it! I love that you are tuning in to your heart more and more for guidance. Living from that space is truly the most beautiful feeling in the world. Enjoy x

    1. Oh Nic that is awesome to hear. There was a lot in this video wasn’t there!? Haha, I hope you got some great takeaways from it x

    1. Awesome Katie, I know it can be SO confusing so I wanted to break it down as simply as I could 🙂 x

  2. Just to let you know….a few years ago I met a guy. My head did a number on me….”what will others think” “what if it doesn’t work” etc etc…. to the point where I ended it after 3 dates. I was miserable (as deep down I knew I had betrayed my own heart) so I decided to ask him out again AND…then I came across A Life of Perfect Days and a post about following your heart (very similar to this one!) and it really helped me listen to my heart…which, when I thought of my man, opened up, flowed to him, felt light, fluttery, warm. So thank you for your guidance to opening and following my heart. It was the most helpful of posts and has had a huge impact on my life. I hope you keep up the amazing work.

    Ps: i followed my heart up the aisle! We married 4 weeks ago…I’m just returning from honeymoon…..and we are both in absolute blissful and fun love ❤️

    1. Karen I LOVE this story!! Wow. That is heart-driven living at it’s best. I love that you followed that feeling despite the mental chatter and fear. And look at the beautiful relationship you get to experience as a result. Incredible x

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