Fall In Love With The Present Moment

My little inner whisper has been sharing some powerful guidance with me lately. Some days I wake up with a word ringing in my head, or other times a phrase may just pop in to my mind that seems to circle around on repeat. When this happens, I pay close attention.

I can tell by how it feels that this is my divine inner guidance speaking to me. These words have an encouraging, supportive and oh-so-wise feeling to them, that bring with them a sense of clarity and a new realisation.

We have to be alert and present to catch these little whispers, but when you do, hold on to them. They are golden.


The Present Moment Is All There Is

Over the past few weeks I have been feeling scattered, anxious and my mind has been whirling with analytical thoughts. I will be honest and say that I have been struggling to manage this energy and find my inner balance.

And so the other morning as I was waking up, the guidance was flowing through, and the most perfect words dropped in:

“Don’t want to be anywhere, but here”

As I sat with this particular sentence something within me clicked.

I realised how un-present I had been. No wonder I felt rattled. I was caught up in my racing mind, fretting about future outcomes and analysing the crap out of every single event in my life.

My mind was trying to take me anywhere but here. I was resisting the present moment. Fighting with it. Creating struggle rather than flowing.

So, I wrote this phrase down in my journal to give myself some time to sit with it. To integrate it’s energy and feel in to it.

I pulled out my felt tip pen and began to dive deeper in to this beautiful wisdom. As I explored this concept, incredibly more supportive guidance flowed through.

And here is what it said…


Fall In Love With The Moment

Can you fall so powerfully in love with your life and with the present moment that you can make complete peace with whatever is unfolding? Can you open your heart so deeply to where you are and honestly say that you do not want to be anywhere but here? This is true living. This is where you find all you are seeking.

Right here, right now all is perfect, whole and complete. Can you say, I love and deeply accept my life and where I am and all that I have created?

You are a creator and you must open your heart to your creations rather than rejecting them, and pushing them aside. The present moment is your creation. Love it and accept it, wholly.

This life and this moment is your masterpiece. Embrace it so deeply and so fully and feel it’s perfection. It is not perfect because it is what you think you want, or because it is meeting your expectations. It is perfect because it is. Because it exists.

You created this. All of this. Love your creations. Love this moment. By loving your creation you are loving yourself, as your creations are you. The world is you. Your creations, your world, your reality is a reflection of you.

By loving what you see in your world, you are falling deeper in love with yourself.

When you reject your creations, your reject yourself. When you reject your life, you reject yourself.

Open. Open to this moment. To what life is right now. Love, accept and embrace it all.


Practises To Drop You Deeper Into The Present

So, where do we begin learning to be more present, to embrace this current moment and dive deeper in to it?

+ Just Be: A good place to begin, is to simply practise sitting with your eyes open with a candle and letting your eyes gaze gently at the flame. Allow your focus to stay on that candle and continue to bring it back whenever it drifts

+ Meditate: Grab a copy of my Guided Meditations For Inner Transformation, or enter your email address in the pink box at the top of this page to get my Be Present Meditation Audio. It can be supportive to listen to a guided audio as it gives your mind something to focus on.

+ Get Into Nature: Ground yourself by getting barefoot in to the grass or sand or simply walk somewhere outdoors. Let all of your attention be absorbed by the beauty around you. Watch, observe and notice.

+ Connect With Your Body: Become aware of when your mind drifts in to thoughts and bring it back by placing your feet flat on the ground, feeling your connection to the Earth. Take 3 big belly breaths and say to yourself “Be Here.”


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With love,

Connie x

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