How To Be Happy Where You Are While Wanting More

I believe in the power of desire. Of it’s expansive nature. Of how it calls us to become more.

I believe in dreaming big, in stretching ourselves to new levels and of following our heart wherever it calls us.

But do you know how to desire for more, while also being happy with where you are?

I believe this is on of our biggest challenges.

Can you birth a love-driven desire to be in an intimate, passionate relationship with your soul mate, while also feeling deeply satisfied being single and on your own now?

Can you set forth a powerful vision for your dream career, where you live a lifestyle full of freedom and bliss, while also feeling completely at peace and content being in your current day job?

Can you hold an inspiring goal for financial freedom where money flows effortlessly, while still feeling a deep sense of appreciation for where your bank account currently stands?

I would say most of us answer no to these questions, which is why I felt to record today’s video.


Video: Be Happy Where You Are While Wanting More

The challenge of birthing new, beautiful desires and holding huge visions of what we want to create, is the angst that we often feel when we come back to reality and notice where we are now. We can feel so far from where we want to be.

Rather than our new desires serving as an inspiring vision pulling us forward, they trigger deep feelings of dissatisfaction with where we are and even cause us to resist and resent our current reality.

In order to enjoy the experience of having big dreams that we are working towards, while also feeling at peace and happy with where we are, we need to make a few mindset shifts.

To recap what I covered in this video:

+ Check in with yourself. Have a you created a destination that you want to arrive at and are you saying “I’ll be happy when I get there..” Just notice whether you think you can only feel how you want to feel when something outside of you changes. (Beware, this is a trap!)

+ When you notice yourself getting caught up in a future destination, plant your feet on the ground, take a deep breath and remind yourself to “Be here now”

+ What feelings feel like they are missing right now? How do you think you will feel once you experience that external change?

+ How can you bring more of those feelings to everything you do now? Eg: How can you bring more connection to your current relationships, more passion to your current job and more serenity to your current situation?


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With love,

Connie x

14 thoughts on “How To Be Happy Where You Are While Wanting More”

  1. Hi Connie,
    thank you for your super inspiring video!! It’s very hard to be here without being resentful or simply unhappy because you’d like to be else where or because you feel you should be somewhere else..thank you for sharing your journey, I’ll try to sit down, lift the corners of my mouth and breathe: I’m here.

    1. Daniela, sometimes that is all it takes. Just to remember to smile, be here and know that all is well x

  2. I really needed this Connie! Thank you! I have been through some huge changes (unwillingly!) over the last two years and I don’t think I have been helping myself by being in such a rush to get to the next stage of my life where I can be happy again (which is taking a long time!) I really do need to start focusing on the now and just being here…

    1. Yep lauren I know the feeling! Sometimes it feels like life just keeps throwing change after change and it can be so easy to want to get out of the discomfort and avoid the messiness of our transition period. But I find the more I can accept and allow what-is to be as it is, the easier the process becomes x

  3. Hi Connie,

    This post was exactly what I needed today, I’m moving abroad and I’d love a new relationship, so I ended up in the last weeks to feel very anxious about these changes, thinking that I’ll be happy only when I’ll be in my new town or have that relationship, but If I don’t build happiness inside me first, these external circumstances will only fulfill me temporarily or not respect my expectations, and I’ll start again…the idea that i can reach that feelings right now, without external help, it’s just amazing, i’ll try to remember every day

    1. Ale I am so glad it came at the exact right time for you! It is SO important when we are stepping in to new circumstances to be aware of the pressure we place on these new situations to ‘complete us’ in some respect. Yep, build that happiness within you now, and the new things you attract will add to that feeling even more x

  4. Connie — WOW! What reinforcement about something that was coming up in my spirit for me today! This was totally a needed message to just reaffirm that and to have faith and peace even as I transition. Life is not black and white and neither are transitions… I tend to think either/or instead of both. But I can live one place contently even while dreaming/desiring another. It’s complex but totally doable! 🙂

    1. Perfect Erika!! Transitions are the most challenging times of all, but as long as we keep our attention in the here and now, we can sail through it smoothly. Sending you love x

  5. So love your work Connie!!! I have only discovered you over the last couple of weeks. I swear your work speaks in volumes for me. I can really relate to it. Keep up the good work. xoxo

    1. Thank you Melissa! Many of us are really going through similar experiences at the moment so I love sharing what I am working on as I know so many others are in the same boat. I love that this all deeply resonates beautiful x

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