Guided Meditations For Inner Transformation

These soothing, guided meditations gently lead you through a range of processes to create more inner balance and bring you in to a deeper sense of connection with yourself.


Meditation is a powerful practice that helps draw your attention inwards. It will support you to re-connect with yourself and quieten a busy, racing mind.

Many people desire to meditate, but they struggle to create their own practice. Their heart is yearning for the inner calmness that it brings, yet they find themselves battling to sit still.


Be Gently Guided In To Peace And Stillness

With these tracks, you do not have to sit in silence and fight with your thoughts. Each track is guided by Connie and includes accompanying music to provide a point of focus for your mind.

You will be supported to experience the power of meditation without having to figure out how to do it on your own.

You will also be guided through a range of powerful practices that I use exclusively with my 1:1 clients in our coaching sessions. You will be able to experience transformative shifts as you allow yourself to follow the guidance on each track.


Guided Meditations For Inner Transformation Includes:

8 guided meditation tracks with over 60 minutes of audio.


Track 1: Let Go and Release Meditation

This meditation will support you to release and let go of anything which is no longer serving, supporting or nourishing you.


Track 2: Embody Your Desired Feelings Meditation

Connect with the feelings that you most want to experience in your life so you no longer need to look to the external world to feel this way.


Track 3: Make Peace with What-Is Meditation

Practice acceptance and learn how to release any resistance you have to circumstances that currently exists in your life or your self.


Track 4: Be Still Meditation

A simple breath awareness meditation to support you to quieten your mind and experience more peace and stillness.


Track 5: Embrace Your Emotions Meditation

You will be supported to connect with, embrace and feel the uncomfortable feelings you may often want to avoid.


Track 6: Open Your Heart Meditation

This meditation will help you to strengthen your relationship with your heart and with the loving presence that resides within you.


Track 7. Receive Inner Guidance Meditation

Connect with your energetic self - the deeper part of you that is who you really are, and receive guidance through your intuition


Track 8. Manifest Your Desires Meditation

Learn how to open up your energy and move into a state of receiving, so that you can come in to alignment with all that you desire.



How To Use These Meditations


All you need to do it set aside 10 minutes of your day to follow the gentle guidance on each track and you will naturally find yourself dropping in to a space of stillness.

These meditations come as an mp3 file that you can download and put on your phone to draw on anytime you need. Listen to them on the bus to work, or while you are cooking dinner at home. Or, set aside time each day in your sacred space to take the practice that little bit deeper.

These powerful guided meditations are a resource for both the beginner and advanced meditator and you will find yourself returning to them to time and time again.


Meditation audio's will be available instantly for direct mp3 download.