Release Your Fear Of Failure, For Good (AR #48)

Over the past few days I have been feeling really reflective and have been looking back over my personal journey and all I have experienced.

As I was reflecting, I began mentally scanning for the external milestones I have reached or the external markers of my success. And I immediately felt my energy drop.

I felt that critical inner voice begin to speak up to judge me, compare me to others and make me feel like all I had achieved and created was not enough.

Rather than noticing all the powerful and radical ways I had grown as a woman, and all of the incredible inner work I had done, and the huge life lessons I had learnt, I was only measuring my success on the external outcomes I had achieved.

And as a result I started to feel a big energy of failure wash over me. 

I started to feel everything I had been doing was such a waste because I didn’t have the external results to prove it.

So after having a little pity party, I suddenly heard my inner guidance speak up to give me some loving wisdom. It said;

An experience is only wasted if you don’t learn from it.

And just because you didn’t get the result you wanted, does not mean anything went wrong. And just because you didn’t hit your target or reach your goal does not in any way mean you are a failure.

I was reminded that life is not just about achieving goals and reaching destinations. The purpose of life is learning, growth and expansion. Your external success is just the icing on the cake, and is the final sweet reward for all your hard inner work. 

And it was these words that sparked the desire to jump on the podcast and talk to you about this further, because this feeling of being a failure paralyses us, and it is time to release it for good.


In today’s podcast I discuss;

  • Why it is our own judgments and expectations that create a feeling of failure.
  • The danger of only measuring success on external outcomes and goals, and why we need to redefine what success means to us.
  • Why an experience is only wasted if you don’t learn from it, and how uncover the deeper purpose behind every experience, even your ‘failures.’
  • The reason we keep manifesting the same circumstances and challenges in our lives over and over again.
  • Why until you fully integrate a life lesson and change your behaviour as a result, you cannot create a new outcome.
  • Why things not working in your life are an opportunity for growth, not a sign of failure.
  • Why it is that we fear failure and will try to avoid it at all costs
  • How to eliminate fear of failure for good!


Listen to Episode #48



“Success is not just about outcomes, but about how much you have learnt and grown.” TWEET

“An experience is only wasted if you don’t learn from it.” TWEET

“When you change yourself, you create different results.” TWEET

“If you haven’t learnt the lesson, you’re going to keep manifesting the challenge.” TWEET

“It’s only when you have a negative judgment about failure, that you will fear it.” TWEET


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With love,
Connie x

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2 thoughts on “Release Your Fear Of Failure, For Good (AR #48)”

  1. Hi Connie!

    Loved your podcast.And you should never feel like a failure.You have touched so many lives and made it worth.

  2. I could totally resonate with this message! Often times I have to remind myself that it’s not always about the external wins, rather it’s the internal growth that truly matters. When you start to look at growing pains differently, that’s when the biggest changes occur.

    Thanks for sharing Connie!

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