Being Your Authentic Self & Loving Who You Are with Mary Hyatt (AR #73)

Without even realising, many of us are living lives that are not aligned with our authentic self. We are playing roles to fit in, modifying ourselves to get love, and wearing masks to suppress what we truly feel and believe.

Most of us at some stage in our lives, learnt who we needed to be to fit it and belong. We learnt who others wanted us to be and often we began changing ourselves to make others happy. Over time, doing this caused us to move further away from our true selves and we started becoming dimmed down and dull, living lives that don’t feel like they are our own.

We think ‘There must be more to life than this?‘  And I am here to tell you that there is.

There is the possibility of living a life that fully lights you up. A life on your terms. A life that feels good to you. You don’t have to suppress your truth, modify yourself or be what other people want in order to get love. You can be fully loved for standing in your power and being who you really are. 

And it is my hope that in today’s Awaken Radio episode you will feel inspired to do just that.

This week, I am speaking with Mary Hyatt who is a life coach on a quest to feel alive and live a life full of gratitude, joy, authenticity, abundance in body, mind and soul.

Mary shares her story of how she woke up from a life where she felt dead inside, where was suppressing her true self and was numbing out her emotions. You will hear how Mary created radical change in her life, by taking small steps to listen to her inner voice, love herself and embody more of her authentic self. These small steps have led her a whole new way of living.

I believe this conversation will serve as a powerful wake up call for any of you who know deep in your heart that you are not living and your authentic self, and walking a path that lights you up.

I know for me personally, discovering my authentic self and living a life guided by my inner desires has completely changed the course of my life. As you will learn to today, when you truly get to know yourself, and love who you are, everything changes.


In today’s episode we discuss & explore;

  • How Mary broke free of people pleasing patterns and feeling dead inside in order to find her authentic self and come fully alive.
  • The powerful questions you can use to begin to discover your true, authentic self.
  • How to break free of the roles, masks, identities and inauthentic ways of being that you have been playing to make others happy
  • The power of deeply listening to yourself, what you love and what feels good.
  • Why living with curiosity, openness and childlike wonder is the key to living fully alive.
  • The power of feeling the full spectrum of emotions and how to begin connecting with the painful emotions you have been suppressing and numbing out from.
  • How to deal with other people’s reactions and judgements as you grow and change.
  • Why stepping into your power and authentic self may change your relationships and require new boundaries and letting people go.
  • The indicators that you are in a co-dependent relationship.
  • How to deeply love yourself, and break the addiction to seeking external love.
  • The healing power of self-forgiveness.
  • How to transform your relationship with your body, and feel a sense of connection, trust and love for your body.
  • The upper limits that Mary is currently breaking through personally and how she is re-writing her money story.


Listen to Episode #73 with Mary Hyatt


Quotes & Tweetables:

“Being fully alive, is the willingness to feel.” Click to tweet

“There is nothing I can to do earn love, or lose love because love is my identity. I myself am love.” Click to tweet

“When you relate to your body out of love, it will flourish and become the best version of itself.” Click to tweet


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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? We would love to hear it. Share with us in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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