How To Shift Out Of Fear & Into Faith (AR #74)

When we are going through periods of change, expansion, up-levelling and stepping into the unknown, it is easy for fear-based thinking to get triggered. We can get caught in a spiral of worry, anxiety, over-analysing and planning. We may start to doubt ourselves, our abilities and whether the universe will actually support us in stepping into what we desire.

I got hit with a big whack of fear-driven thinking over the past few weeks while putting the final touches on my new online course Slow Down & Tune In. I had been putting in some big work hours, and doing a lot of thinking, planning and strategising, and without realising was getting totally stuck in my head!

I was finding it hard to unwind, relax and sit still. I was struggling to fall asleep. I often had an anxious knot in my stomach. And my mind was full of thoughts of self-doubt, insecurity and criticism.

I realised was that the more that I stayed in doing and thinking mode, the more power I gave to my mind, and the further I moved away from my heart, body and inner wisdom.

And the further I moved away from my inner self, the easier it was for fear to hijack my mind and take me to crazy town! When I am in my head, I lose touch with my inner knowing and the feeling of faith that I am supported, guided and that everything will be ok.

So once I caught this out, I got back to work bringing myself back into alignment. I took myself through 4 simple steps to shift out of the crazy fear energy of my mind, and back into the trusting, calm, grounded heart-driven space of faith.

I wanted to share this process with you today too, as many of my 1:1 coaching clients are moving through similar experiences at the moment, so I have a feeling it may be a common challenge for many of us!


In this episode I share;

  • Why a faith mindset is the key to finding inner peace while living outside your comfort zone and navigating the unknown.
  • Why practising faith means trusting in what you feel, rather then what you see.
  • The indicators that fear has taken over your mind.
  • Why work addiction, doing addiction and inability to slow down, is actually being driven by fear.
  • How to hold space for your fear and why you need to listen to it (rather than ignore it)
  • Why your fear needs compassion, rather than judgment.
  • Why all change begins with your energy, not your mindset.
  • Practices you can use to shift your energy, raise your vibration and come into alignment.
  • Why you need to create inner space before you can hear your intuition.
  • How to tune in and receive your loving inner wisdom
  • Why I created my new online course Slow Down & Tune In, and how it can support you to live with more flow, ease and inner connection.


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“You need to create space in order to hear your loving inner wisdom.” Click to tweet


Slow Down & Tune In

If you are ready to dive deeper into these practices and truly learn how to unravel from fear, calm your mind and re-connect with your body, heart and inner wisdom, then I would love for you to join me in my new online program Slow Down & Tune In.

You will learn practical and powerful ways to connect more deeply with yourself and awaken the love, wholeness and happiness within you.

Find out more about the course here.


What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? I would love to hear it. Share with me in the comments.

With love,
Connie x

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