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Invincible Living, Kundalini Yoga & Conscious Relationship with Guru Jagat (AR #65)

Welcome to my first Awaken Radio podcast for 2017. It is so exciting to be back here with you for another year of inspiring interviews and soulful conversations. I am so grateful for that support that you have given this beautiful podcast, and I love receiving your messages of feedback about how the episodes have touched and […]

Reflections & Lessons from 2016 (+ How I Am Preparing For 2017)

I have spent much of the past few weeks reflecting on 2016 and taking an inner exploration into what within me still needs to be completed, released and processed so that I can close off one chapter and create a clean slate for the new. As I reflected on this year, I noticed that there […]

How To Release Your Expectations Of Others (AR #64)

Today’s episode of Awaken Radio was inspired by a realisation I had recently around a relationship in my life. I had found myself feeling frustrated, disappointed and sad with how someone in my life was showing up, or shall I say, not showing up. A whole host of emotions were being stirred up, and at the […]

Untangled: Dancing Between The Soul-Self & The Human-Self

There is nothing more I love, than being able to dive into deep and soulful conversations with other women. I also love when I have the opportunity in one of these conversations to share more about my personal story and experiences. And so today I am excited to share one of these conversations with you. […]

Eat With Intention & Live Guided By Your Intuition with Cassandra Bodzak (AR #63)

In today’s Awaken Radio episode I am speaking with Cassandra Bodzak, who is a global meditation and wellness teacher and founder of the online mind-body-soul support community, Aprecity. I remember coming across Cassandra’s work months ago, and feeling instantly inspired and moved by her radiant light and energy, and I knew it was only a matter […]

The Power Of Letting Go: How To Release The Old & Expand Your Life

I came home from yoga last night, and jumped straight onto the podcast as I felt a strong desire to speak to you about letting go. I had walked home from class under the energy of a powerful Super Full Moon – our biggest and brightest in nearly 70 years, and it’s energy deeply inspired […]

Soul Embodiment, Unraveling Fear & Owning Your Gifts with Melissa Sandon (AR #60)

Over the past few years, I have written many blog posts about a powerful process I have been moving thorugh personally. It has felt like a process of unraveling many old aspects of myself and my identity, and dropping into a deeper connection with my true self and my core essence. This has been a challenging […]

How To Build A Loving & Empowering Relationship With Yourself (AR #59)

I lived many years of my life ruled by an addiction to external love. I had a desperate yearning to be loved, and seeing I had no idea how to create that for myself, I chased and sought and searched for it outside of me. I would change my body and appearance, modify by behaviour and even […]

Releasing Control Patterns & Practising Deep Surrender with Maddy Moon (AR #58)

The theme of surrender is one which has been flowing deeply through my private coaching sessions and group programs a lot lately. Many of us are tired of the fight, struggle and anxiety that comes from living in a constant state of control. We are craving freedom and ease, and deep within our hearts, we know […]

Embodying Your Highest Self & Bringing Your Big Dreams To Life (AR #57)

Today’s podcast episode flowed out of me after my morning meditation. My focus for my morning practice today, had been primarily on aligning my energy and thoughts with love and my higher self. I needed to re-connect as I had been feeling totally funky all week and had been in a complete state of resistance. Fear had […]

Podcast With Heart: How To Blend Soul & Strategy To Share Your Truth With The World

The tables have turned today and rather being the podcast host, I am in the guest seat being interviewed by the beautiful Alana Helbig. I am big fan of Alana’s soulful podcasts She Makes Magic and Untangled, and I am honoured to be a part of her latest creation Podcast with Heart. This latest creation […]

Moving Through Change with Surrender, Patience & Trust (Video)

This clip is an excerpt from a Facebook Livestream I hosted for my 90 Day Transformation Project community last night. I decided to share part of the conversation with you all as it was incredibly powerful, and I feel it may be supportive for many of you moving through inner shifts and outer changes. I heard […]

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