Q&A on Health, Beauty, Relationships, Business, Life Coaching & Receiving Divine Guidance (AR #91)

A few days ago, I put a post up on my Instagram stories sharing that my next Awaken Radio episode was going to be a Q&A episode. I asked you all to send through the questions that you most wanted me to answer and the topics you wanted me to talk about. The responses I received were incredible and it […]

The Practice Of Self-Devotion (AR #90)

I have spent many years working on healing my relationship with myself. I have done the inner work to clear out old stories, release the negative chatter of my inner critic, practise nourishing self-care, honour my hearts desires, and learn how to love and support myself through anything and everything life brings. However this year, […]

8 Tips For Processing Big Emotions & Feelings

If you are anything like me, you may have been processing and working through some big emotions and feelings these past few weeks. There is a lot being triggered and activated for us at the moment as we move through this process of upgrading our lives and releasing everything that has been holding us back and weighing […]

Life Upgrades & Moving Through Resistance (AR #89)

As we move through August and into September, many of us are experiencing significant changes rippling through our lives and unfolding within ourselves. We are in a time of upgrade, and there is an inner push to begin to step up and show up in new and bigger ways. You may find that you are […]

Balancing Your Inner Feminine & Masculine Energy (AR #88)

At the end of 2018, I reached a breaking point. I had just wrapped up another big and busy year of work, and rather than feeling happy, fulfilled and proud of what I had achieved, I instead found myself feeling exhausted, sad, empty and depleted. I knew something was out of balance, and I needed to […]

2019: Energy Themes & Guidance For Creating A Magical Year (AR #87)

It has been several months since I brought you an Awaken Radio episode, and I must admit I am pretty excited to be back.  I hadn’t at all planned to take such an extended break, but I found myself at the end of 2018 feeling incredibly depleted after a massive year. As I came into […]


For much of October, I found myself feeling internal and introspective. While September felt like it was ripe with the energy of fresh, new beginnings, October has almost felt like the opposite. Throughout October, I have found myself needing to press pause on the new chapters that I had been so eager to leap into, […]

New Beginnings, Upleveling & Aligning With What You Want (AR #85)

Now that the dust has settled after Eclipse season, and we have completed a big process of releasing the old and clearing space for the new,  we are finally ready for the new chapters that await us. All year we have been in a transformative and sacred process of clarifying what we truly want. We […]

Surrendering To The Divine Plan (AR #84)

As the year progresses, it is becoming clear that 2018 is definitely a year of transition; a year of transitioning out of our old selves, our old lives and our old ways of being, and into brand new ones. A big part of this transition process is about surrendering, trusting the process, and working in with […]

My Morning Alignment Ritual & How To Create Your Own (AR #83)

I have been practising some form of morning routine for the past 10 years. This ritual originally began for me while I was working full time in a day job and I was desperately craving more time in my life to dedicate to what I was passionate about and what I loved. Back when I […]

Moving Through Fear & Becoming Brave With Katie Dean (#AR 82)

Most of us find fear quite a challenging emotion to work through and move beyond. Typically when fear arises, our tendency is to pull back, stop, hesitate, close off, shut down or even run away. We may go into patterns of avoidance to distract ourselves, rather than having the courage to face it. But in […]

Navigating Change, Transition & The In-Between (AR #81)

I recently wrote a post on Instagram talking about my experiences of moving through a big period of transition and change. I shared that I felt like I was hovering in an in-between space somewhere between the old and the new. It felt a big period of growth and up-levelling and as though I was […]



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