Expand Your Capacity To Receive (AR #132)

Do you struggle to receive? If so, this episode for you.

Today I am sharing the keys to expanding your capacity to receive so that you can not only call in and manifest more of what you desire, but you can also hold it.

You will learn to open, soften and receive, come deeper into your feminine, regulate your nervous system and develop a greater capacity to hold money, love, success and more.

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹How I manifested and received my biggest financial year ever in my business
🌹Why so many women find it difficult to receive
🌹How to soften, open, lean back and let life give to you
🌹Dropping the armour and self-protection that are blocking you receiving
🌹What it means to expand your capacity (and how to do it)
🌹Descending deeper into your body and holding greater levels of sensation
🌹Why you can call things in but you can’t hold them
🌹Navigating the contraction that comes after big expansion
🌹What to do when you feel unworthy of receiving
🌹How to regulate your nervous system so you can hold and receive more

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